How I’m Saving For A Summer in Europe

How I'm Saving For A Summer in Europe | Essential Twenty

It’s no secret that I’m crap at saving money. I love trying new things, be it food, beauty or even reading the latest bestseller. I’m also partial to a theatre trip or five. But with a summer of interrailing on the cards, I need to get my saving hat on and I’ve picked up a few ways of doing this. 

Since October has been my birthday month, I’ve been a little spendy recently. But one bad month just means I need to have eight months of being really good! And there are a few ways I’m going to be managing this.

The big thing is putting a big chunk of money aside each month. That’s definitely a given when it comes to saving! However, at the end of each week I’ve been emptying my purse. Any change, any cash, it’s all going in a pot. I probably take around £100 out a month in cash, and if it’s in my purse I’m prone to spending it. If it’s not there and in a jar at home instead, I can’t spend it! 

If your savings and current account are linked, you can transfer the odd pennies at the end of each week. Mine aren’t, so I can’t do this, however if at the end of a week you have £143.72 in your current account, transfer £3.72. These odd amounts at the end of each week could end up at between £4 and £40 per month which is a huge additional saving over time! 

How I'm Saving For A Summer in Europe | Essential Twenty

Every time I go out for the day (frequently to London), I get out a chunk of cash. This way I can see what I’m spending through the day and don’t go as mad as I would if I was paying solely on card. When I get home, I put any leftover cash in an envelope and any change in a jar, and over 6 weeks that’s come to around £80. That £80 could easily pay for 2 days in Eastern Europe, or at least pay for my flight home!

Last year I got a little lazy when it came to taking lunch to work. Just by taking leftovers from the night before or making sandwiches, I can save around £3.50 per day. Whilst I didn’t buy lunch at work regularly, I probably bought it there around 3 or 4 times per month. £3.50 a week adds up to almost £15 per month. £15 per month over ten months is £150, or 3 days of travel on a budget in Western Europe. The moral of the story is make your own lunch instead of buying it!

I’m still not great at saving, especially with Jack’s birthday being in November and Christmas in December, but I’m getting better. Hopefully by July I’ll have saved enough to spend the summer having a blast in Europe!

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