Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette Review

A few weekends ago I took myself shopping for blog photo props. On the prop front it was unsuccessful, but I can’t not look at the beauty products in TK Maxx and that’s where I stumbled upon Too Faced. Yes, Too Faced in TK Maxx and bonus: it hadn’t had somebody’s fingers stuck in it!


The Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette only cost me £10 so I couldn’t walk away, especially when it’s still on the Debenhams website for £35! Sure, the colours aren’t the most wearable but I’d never tried any Too Faced shadows and wanted to test them out.

This palette comes in the traditional Too Faced packaging of being a metal tin which I know, based on travelling with the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, would work well for travel. I do love a tin casing as it feels quite luxurious (compared to the plastic of a drugstore palette). However, unlike the UD palette, it is only a magnetic close rather than it clipping down. Behind the paper in the top of the palette is a mirror, although it isn’t quite big enough for me to do my makeup in. I love when palettes come with ideas for looks which this palette does have, although I don’t think I’ll be following these particular looks any time soon as they’re not very me.


The palette comes with 9 shadows, three larger base shadows and 6 smaller lid colours (with three for the lid and three for liner, although you can definitely switch this up if that’s more your scene). Each row pulls together a different look – Day, Classic and Fashion, but if I’m totally honest, I bought this palette for the top two bronzey colours as they are way more me than any of the other shades.


Purr (bottom) is a light white-beige with a frosted finish. It would make a beautiful subtle highlight as opposed to something like MAC Nylon. It also wears pretty well so I would definitely consider using this for every day wear.

Meow (middle) is a cream matte which feels very finely milled. I’m always after a shade to set my eye primer with and this one is definitely a good shadow for it. However, there isn’t much lasting power in this shade and it fades quite quickly (possibly useful for setting but not great if you’re after a subtle all over lid shade).

Kitten (top) has a very similar feel to Meow, but it is a very pale pink and lasts a tiny bit longer. It’s a little more powdery but there’s no worry of fallout on application. I don’t wear pink on my eyes but this is subtle enough to get away with if I was in a pinch.


Tiger’s Eye (bottom) is one of the main reasons that I picked up this palette.The bronze/copper is right up my street and is one of the best quality shadows in this palette in terms of colour pay off and longevity. It’s a really lovely shadow but it’s definitely a shadow that you probably have in your collection elsewhere, so I wouldn’t say to buy this palette just because of this shade.

Pussy Cat (middle) is a little more chalky than some of the other colours, but the pigmentation is pretty good. It wears pretty well but the lavender colour of it means I probably won’t be reaching for it all that often, although it may be a good shade for a pop of colour somewhere in a look.

Kitty Glitter (top) is a little disappointing if I’m completely honest. There’s a slight icy blue colour to the shadow but it’s mainly just very fine glitter which I won’t ever wear (if I’m wearing glitter I’m going all out and not making it subtle like this tries to do). There’s also quite a bit of fallout so I can’t imagine I’ll be reaching for this often at all.


Although all the shadows in this palette can be used wet or dry, this column is specifically designed for wet and dry use. The previous shadows swatched were swatched dry with my finger, but I have swatched these a little different. On the left is the dry shadow swatched with my finger and on the right is the wet shadow swatched with a flat shader brush. If I’m using a shadow wet, I pick up the shadow on the brush then spritz with a product such as MAC Fix+ or Mario Badescu Facial Spray before applying. I find this works better than dampening my brush then picking up shadow because all that does it make more shadow come onto the brush, not intensify the pigment.

Leopard (left) is the other reason I picked up this palette but it is a little dry in application. Although applying it wet doesn’t intensify the pigment much, it does make the shadow a little easier to work with. The glitter in it is definitely more noticeable when applied wet but there isn’t loads of fallout due to it.

Jungle Love (middle) leaves a lot to be desired when applied dry as you can see in the above swatch. In the pan it looks like a deep purple but swatches more like a deep grey, until you add some liquid to it. A spritz of Mario Badescu really brought this shadow to life and I think it would look beautiful for a night out smokey eye.

Panther (right) was another slightly disappointing shadow when applied dry but it is a lot more true to pan when dampened. However, I have other matte black shadows that don’t require dampening to get a similar effect so it seems a little unnecessary for me to do.


Overall, is this palette worth £35? Definitely not. But if you can pick it up for a tenner from your local TK Maxx, I say go for it, especially if you like glitter in your shadows. Not shimmer but full on glitter. These 9 pan palettes seem a little overpriced for the quality if I’m honest and wouldn’t bother paying more than about £20 for the palette in total. However, I’m still tempted to buy the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette in the future so watch this space.

Have you picked up any bargains in TK Maxx recently? I love finding out what people have got their hands on in there!


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