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To Be Read 2018 | Essential Twenty

Whilst I read a fair amount at the start of 2017, I didn’t quite read as much as I wanted to. I think I overdid it by averaging 2-3 books per week in the first four months. Whoops? And since I barely touched my 2017 to be read list, why not try 2018 with a better list for me?

The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond instantly stood out to me on the Tesco shelves the other week (which is actually where I pick up most of my books). Whilst the statement for fans of The Couple Next Door on the cover almost made me put it back, because I didn’t enjoy that at all, the idea of until death do us part definitely did.

Would you stake your life on your marriage? Newlyweds Jake and Alice are offered a mysterious wedding gift – membership of a club which promises its couples will never divorce. Signing The Pact seems the start to a perfect marriage. Until one of them breaks the rules. The marriage of their dreams is about to become their worst nightmare. Because The Pact is for life. And its members will do anything to make sure no one leaves…

Yes, definitely up my street! I love a good thriller, and this one has fairly decent reviews on Amazon so I’m excited to read it. Buy The Marriage Pact here.

The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr is definitely aimed at a younger audience than me. But sometimes I need something a little easier to read. I read so many thrillers, and they all start to merge into one, so I break it up with young adult fiction and chick-lit every three or four books.e

How do you know who to trust when you can’t even trust yourself? I look at my hands. One of them says ‘Flora be brave’. Flora has anterograde amnesia. She can’t remember anything day-to-day: the joke her friend made, the instructions her parents gave her, how old she is. Then she kisses someone she shouldn’t, and the next day she remembers it. It’s the first time she’s remembered anything since she was ten. But the boy is gone. She thinks he’s moved to the Arctic. Will following him be the key to unlocking her memory? Who can she trust?

I feel like I’m going to get very attached to Flora, and can’t wait to not have to think too much whilst reading a book. Buy The One Memory of Flora Banks here.

Cheating just a little bit, I’ve added the book I’m currently reading to my ‘to be read list’. The Girl From Nowhere by Dorothy Koomson is a book that I picked up in early 2017 and haven’t got around to reading yet. When I was younger, I always wanted to know more about people who had been adopted so this was a must-read for me.

Clemency Smittson was adopted as a baby and the only connection she has to her birth mother is a cardboard box hand-decorated with butterflies. Now an adult, Clem decides to make a drastic life change and move to Brighton, where she was born. Clem has no idea that while there she’ll meet someone who knows all about her butterfly box and what happened to her birth parents. As the tangled truths about her adoption and childhood start to unravel, a series of shocking events cause Clem to reassess whether the price of having contact with her birth family could be too high to pay…

As I said, I’m not rushing through books this year and I’m about 100 pages through so far and really enjoying it. Although I’ve got a fondness for a character named Seth, and I’m pretty sure he’s not someone I should be rooting for. We’ll see! Buy The Girl From Nowhere here.

To Be Read 2018 | Essential Twenty

The Trap by Melanie Raabe but when I was having a sort of my book shelves a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t believe I hadn’t read it yet. I love a murder mystery, and I love reading them from the point of view of a reporter. But this is different.

Twelve years ago, Linda’s sister Anna was murdered. Her killer was never caught, but Linda saw him. Now, all these years on, she’s just seen him again. On TV. He has since become a well-known reporter, and Linda – a famous novelist and infamous recluse – knows no one will believe her if she accuses him, so she does the only thing she can think of: she writes a thriller about a woman who is murdered, her killer never caught. When the book is published, she agrees to give just one media interview. At home. To the one person who knows more about the case than she does. He knows what happened that night and she wrote a book about it but, when the doorbell rings, neither of them can be sure how the story will end.

Definitely a little different, but one I’m excited to read. Buy The Trap here.

The final book that one my to be read list, although I probably won’t give it a chance until later in the year is The Indisputable Existence of Santa Claus by Dr Hannah Fry and Dr Thomas Oléron Evans. Okay, this book is very different to the rest in that it is non-fiction. A maths heavy book, but a great Christmas present from Jack’s mum.

How do you apply game theory to select who should be on your Christmas shopping list ? Can you predict Her Majesty’s Christmas Message? Will calculations show Santa is getting steadily thinner – shimmying up and down chimneys for a whole night – or fatter – as he tucks into a mince pie and a glass of sherry in billions of houses across the world? Full of diagrams, sketches and graphs, beautiful equations, Markov chains and matrices, The Indisputable Existence of Santa Claus brightens up the bleak midwinter with stockingfuls of mathematical marvels. And proves once and for all that maths isn’t just for old men with white hair and beards who associate with elves.

I actually saw this in a book shop when I was in London over Christmas and almost bought it on the spot. The scientist and Christmas lover in me wanted to read it there and then! But I’ll save it until Christmas rolls back around. Buy The Indisputable Existence of Santa Claus here.

I actually have a full shelf of books to read, but these were some that were exciting me the most when I was trying to pick out which books to read this year. Have you put together a list of books to be read in 2018? Or which do you recommend for me?

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