The Quickest Way To Switch Brushes Without Switching Brushes

I’ve been having a lot of fun playing around with makeup recently. I’ve even got a look coming soon (hopefully, let’s see how the photos come out) that needs a huge variety of eyeshadow colours, more than I have clean brushes. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of eye makeup brushes but I have some really good ones that I stick to when I go for a smokey eye or a more colourful look.


But MAC and Sigma don’t come cheap, and that’s where the Shadow Switch* by Beauty Essentials comes in. Dry brush cleaners have been popping up in my YouTube sub box for a few months now, and I was so excited to try one myself!


These brush cleansers are essentially very porous sponges in a tin that picks up excess shadow from a brush. Any pigment is removed by swirling around the dirty brush, and I just double check by swiping it over my hand after. As you can see in the photo beneath, it really works! A quick couple of seconds and any loose pigment is totally removed from the brush and you can apply a totally different colour without bleeding.


Not only does this work for eyeshadows, but it can work wonders for any powder products. One of the main products I’ve been using this for, other than eyeshadow, is blusher. I have a lot of different tones and this little tool means I can easy clean my brush off without washing it properly.

Obviously this doesn’t replace washing your brushes completely, but it means you can put it off just that little longer and for £5.99 on Amazon, why wouldn’t you?


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