The Pressures Of Blogging

A short but sweet post is coming your way today as I did not have a post scheduled 12 hours ago. Recently I’ve been loving blogging, but my netflix binging has been getting a little out of control so I just sort of forget to write posts. I promise that in the next week or two I will get properly back into it, I just wanted a little break. But I feel a little guilty.


I feel guilty because since day one I’ve stuck to a schedule of posting every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday (apart from Blogmas which was daily) but now I want some me time. That’s why today I’m going to talk about the pressures of blogging, because there are so many and it’s an easy post for me to write!

Always sticking to a schedule So this is probably pretty obvious from the introduction to my post, but it’s a huge pressure. It’s a wholly unnecessary pressure that I’ve put on myself but my life needs structure and so does my blog. I feel like people will return if they know when a post is going live and I owe it to them to post at these times, but I’m scared to test otherwise for stats reasons (my stats are doing pretty well at the minute fyi).

Scheduling Tweets Another ‘schedule’ thing, but without it I’ve definitely noticed my stats suffering. I’m not all about stats on this blog, but they’re a pretty nice kick up the bum to write great posts because I know people are reading. Sometimes I just don’t want to schedule 30 tweets to post over three days, I just want to relax.

Having an Instagram Theme I am nowhere near finding a theme, and I am really lazy when it comes to posting things over on there. I love scrolling and looking at other pics but I can’t be bothered to post my own. I have plans to sort it out but whether that will happen anytime soon I just don’t know.

Plating the perfect meal By the time I’ve finished cooking whatever meal I’m making or when the food comes out at a restaurant, I just want to eat. I’m a huge foodie and that means I want to shovel it in as fast as I can. No #foodporn posts for me!

Having the Pinterest perfect life My life isn’t bright white, rose gold and succulent central; it’s messy and mismatched and I like it that way. I almost don’t want to conform to the perfect blogger life (as beautiful as it is) but live it the way that it suits me. I’ll leave the house goals to Kate and just continue living with my blue bed sheets and endless piles of washing up for the time being.

Do you feel the pressure of having the perfect blogging life whilst still having a social life and being happy? Because I bloody well do!


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  • I totally know what you mean. I am always feeling pressure to stick to themes and get things up on time! I think we need to remember what we started for and that’s because we enjoy it 🙂 x

  • These are all thoughts that ran through my head while having a day of blog admin today!
    You’ve hit the nail on the hair there babe, it can all get too much sometimes.

    | | bloglovin’ |

  • Scheduling tweets has just never worked out for me hhhah! And I’m currently in the process of moving from 100% beauty to more food and travel content on my instagram, so everything is getting so messy errrrrhhh ! x

    Katina |

  • Great post! I definitely feel the pressure! I hardly schedule tweets or post regularly on my blog and I’ve been known to get anxiety about it but at the same time we’re all only human and we really shouldn’t worry so much!

  • I’ve never scheduled tweets, but then I’m on Twitter more often than I’m anywhere else so I don’t need to.

    I used to worry about following all the advice on how to do well at blogging, and tried to do the clean, minimalist looking, blogger image thing. Then I realised that those people are plenty catered for already and I’d rather write for the mismatched, messy people like me.

    I’m physically incapable of sticking to a posting schedule. I don’t think it makes a difference because most of my regular readers use feedly or something similar rather than actually visiting the blog anyway.

    I feel pressure to blog regularly and consistently though. And I’m not always great at it. And it bothers me that my blog does suffer for it. But I can’t allow myself to beat myself up over it because it’s so contrary to what I try to tell people in my blog.

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