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Lorac Pro: The Must-Have Hard To Get Palette

When I was in America last summer, I had one must-have item on my shopping list. The Lorac Pro Palette. Fortunately I found it on my very first day (at Kohl’s) and I couldn’t have been more excited!


So after having it in my collection for 8 months I am finally going to talk about it properly on my blog.

It’s a very compact palette (and it definitely doesn’t require the huge box that it comes in) which makes it very handy for travel, especially since it’s cardboard but seems to stay shut without much trouble. It comes in sleek, matte black packaging which unfortunately gets filthy and it’s honestly not worth cleaning half of the time (think cheap Nars packaging). There is also a huge mirror inside which obviously adds to the fact that it’s great for travelling.


There are 16 shades in this palette – 8 mattes, 8 shimmers – which are all super wearable. There are some slightly more ‘out there’ shades but they’re still on the neutral scale meaning that I do use them all (we all know that I’m a neutral lover).

These shadows are the most creamy, blendable shadows I have ever used. I know I rave on and on about how much I love the Urban Decay shadows, but they don’t have a patch on these Lorac shades. Of the 16 shades I don’t have a single complaint about a single one, but I definitely prefer the texture of the matte shades to the shimmers. They’re a lot more buttery in terms of texture which makes them really easy to blend.

There is a fair amount of fallout on the palette, but I’ve not noticed any fallout around my eyes. I think the brush just tends to kick up a lot of product and I guess that’s one of the downsides – I feel I’m just wasting some of the product.


My favourite shades from the palette are Mauve and Taupe. They’re my most used shades because they’re just so natural. You need a wash of colour over a primer base (I tend to stick to Urban Decay, but this palette came with a sample of the Lorac equivalent) and it lasts all day, although I can’t imagine the mattes would last too long without a primer just because of how creamy the formula is. I adore the addition of Garnet and Deep Purple in this palette just for the pop of colour you can add to your lower lash line.

Overall, this palette is definitely worth the money. The exchange rate when I bought it meant that I spent about £26 on it, and when you think an Urban Decay Palette is almost £40, it’s a real bargain (especially when you get a primer with it too)! I would buy this palette for the mattes alone. I know it’s pretty much impossible to get your hands on it over hear but I believe that Nordstrom will ship to the UK if you’re prepared to pay their shipping costs (although this wasn’t possible when I bought mine). I definitely recommend adding it to your collection if you need another neutral palette in your life.


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