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    The Railway Children, Richmond Theatre

    The Railway Children | Essential Twenty

    It’s currently midnight and I’ve just got home after a busy day in London. Why oh why do I think I live so close when in actual fact it takes forever to get home? Last night (as you’re reading this) I was invited to the opening night of The Railway Childrenat Richmond Theatre and since it’s on for such a short period of time I’m getting my review out sharpish. 

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    The Scotch Whisky Experience, Edinburgh

    The Scotch Whisky Experience | Essential Twenty

    I’m going to start this post by saying I’m not a whisky drinker. I don’t like the smell, and the one time I tasted it I thought it tasting like I was eating a tree. I just don’t like whisky. However, Jack is. And whilst killing time in Edinburgh before we saw An Act Of Kindness, we popped into The Scotch Whisky Experience. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but boy am I glad we took the trip.

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    Why I’m Not Excited For Autumn

    Why I'm Not Excited For Autumn | Essential Twenty

    So we’re only just into August, but I know that the second September rolls around the blogosphere will be inundated with posts all about why bloggers love autumn. Sure, I can’t deal with the sweltering heat of summer (on those two weeks of the year we get it in the UK), but I do actually love the summer. Autumn always seems to roll around too quickly for me!

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    Treasure Island, Williamson Park

    Treasure Island | Essential Twenty

    Something that Jack and his family have told me about on numerous occasions is Play In The Park, part of the Dukes Walkabout Theatre in Lancaster. Last summer I went to see their production of The Hobbit with Jack and his sister, and on Friday we headed back to Williamson Park to see this year’s summer production: Treasure Island.

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