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    Superdrug Haul, Summer 2017

    Superdrug Haul | Essential Twenty

    A couple of weeks ago I popped onto the Superdrug website to treat myself to a couple of the products from the new Zoella collection and ended up dropping almost £40. Whoops? Whilst of course I’ll be reviewing most of these things in due course, I’m going to share what I bought here just to let you know what I’ve been picking up recently. You can also check out my brand new shop page which I plan to update every time I add anything to my beauty collection so you can keep on top of my stash. Look at me being a pro blogger! Disclaimer: this will of course contain affiliate links (sorry if you don’t like them; you don’t have to click through). It’s currently missing a couple of bits from this post due to a photography issue but I promise to update this as soon as the issue is resolved.

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    The Body Shop Haul, Summer 2017

    The Body Shop Haul | Essential Twenty

    I’m really loving The Body Shop recently, and I seem to make an order every time I spot a discount code (which is basically all the time). The products are such good quality, the body care smells divine and I’m a sucker for a bargain. I thought I’d share the past couple of orders with you to let you know what products – specifically body care – I think are worth a look at from The Body Shop.

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    3 New In Face Makeup

    3 New In Face Makeup | Essential Twenty

    Recently I’ve been spending my money on more skincare products than makeup, but during the May Day bank holiday there were too many deals to pass up. I treated myself to a few high end face makeup items and it would be rude not to share them with you!

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    Recent Skincare Additions: Spring 2017, Part II

    Recent Skincare Additions | Essential Twenty

    I’m sure after Monday’s post, you’re all eager to see which other skincare items I’ve picked up recently. I told you I’ve introduced a lot of a new products into my collection! I’m actually more interested in trying out skincare over makeup at the moment which is a welcome change for my heaving Alex drawers! This post focuses more around the high end and products that aren’t as easy to get your hands on, but to be honest the majority still aren’t ridiculously expensive as far as skincare goes. I mean, there’s no La Mer in here so don’t worry about that!

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    Recent Skincare Additions: Spring 2017, Part I

    Recent Drugstore Skincare Additions | Essential Twenty

    It’s been a little while since I posted my skincare wishlist, and since then I’ve gone a little skincare crazy. I love seeing which skincare bits and pieces people have been buying, so I thought I’d share with you what I’ve either picked up or been sent over the past month or so. I’m actually splitting this into two posts as there’s been a lot of new skincare added to my collection recently!

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