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    Cream Eyeshadow Declutter, Summer 2017

    Cream Eyeshadow Declutter | Essential Twenty

    This is actually my final declutter post for a while. Most of what is left if going to take me a long time to decide what I want to keep and what I don’t (I have a lipstick problem, okay), and it’s no longer the summer. And with the cooler months drawing in I become a bit of a hoarder! So as we say goodbye to declutter posts, we’ll also say goodbye to my entire cream eyeshadow collection. Yes, the full thing!

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    Single Shadow Declutter, Summer 2017

    Single Shadow Declutter | Essential Twenty

    These declutters seem to be going on forever, don’t they? This week it’s all about the single shadows in my collection of which I don’t have all that many but I’m getting rid of the few that I don’t ever use. Although to be honest I very rarely use single shadows and tend to reach more for my palettes, I can’t not keep a few. But the four in today’s post are ones that I never use, so it’s time to declutter and say goodbye.

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    Eye Primer Declutter, Summer 2017

    Eye Primer Declutter | Essential Twenty

    Another short one for you today as I can’t quite bring myself to look at my black liquid liners. Who knew you could collect so many of the same product? I’m getting rid of my eye primers today, and there are only a couple to get rid of. This is because I love the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion or just using concealer or cream shadows to primer my eyes. Bring on the declutter!

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    Face Mask Friday: Yes To Masks

    Yes To Masks | Essential Twenty

    I’ve always been intrigued by Yes To products, but none of them have ever stood out enough to me to try them. A few months back I spotted a variety of their masks on 3 for 2 and couldn’t resist. The Yes To Tomatoes Clear Skin 2-Step Nose Kit, the Yes To Grapefruit Correct & Repair 2-Step Face Kit and the Yes To Cucumbers Soothing 2-Step Eye Kit were mine to try!

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    Sephora Wishlist, France 2017 Edition

    Sephora Wishlist | Essential Twenty

    Tomorrow I’m off to France with two of my best blogging babes – Hayley and Katie – and since we’re all beauty bloggers we’re obviously going to be taking a trip to Sephora. After browsing for hours on the French website a week or two ago, I’ve realised that not a lot of it is any cheaper that getting it here, but a few bits have caught my eye. Much of what I want to try out are the Sephora own-brand products, but there are a couple of other products thrown into the mix too.
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    Small Drugstore Palette Declutter, Summer 2017

    Small Drugstore Palette Declutter | Essential Twenty

    A short but sweet declutter post, mainly because there are only two reasons I’m getting rid of these: either they’re old or the pigmentation isn’t there. Whatever the reason, I don’t use the eyeshadow quads (and mini palettes of similar sizes) at all anymore so I’m saying goodbye to them.

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