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    Superdrug Haul, Summer 2017

    Superdrug Haul | Essential Twenty

    A couple of weeks ago I popped onto the Superdrug website to treat myself to a couple of the products from the new Zoella collection and ended up dropping almost £40. Whoops? Whilst of course I’ll be reviewing most of these things in due course, I’m going to share what I bought here just to let you know what I’ve been picking up recently. You can also check out my brand new shop page which I plan to update every time I add anything to my beauty collection so you can keep on top of my stash. Look at me being a pro blogger! Disclaimer: this will of course contain affiliate links (sorry if you don’t like them; you don’t have to click through). It’s currently missing a couple of bits from this post due to a photography issue but I promise to update this as soon as the issue is resolved.

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    Lush Oxford Street Haul

    Lush Oxford Street Haul | Essential Twenty

    Yes, I know that it’s not been that long since I posted my last Lush Haul but I just had to post this. I’ve been pretty good recently at staying away from Lush and only stocking up when I need new products, but I couldn’t resist a trip to the Oxford Street store when I was in London on Monday. Definitely a quick turnaround for me!

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    Lush Easter Collection 2017: A Mini Haul

    Miniature Easter Lush Haul | Essential Twenty

    One day, I’ll stop writing my blog posts in wordpress because when my laptop crashes I lose everything. But on a lighter note, I get to talk about one of my favourite topics today: Lush! Lush always do a fantastic job at putting together seasonal collections and this year’s Easter collection is no exception.

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    Lush Boxing Day Sale Haul 2016

    Last year was a slight failure when it came to the Boxing Day Sale at Lush. It took over a day to get on the website, and when my products finally arrives there were bits missing. Bit of a bummer really. This year I thought this is my year, and tried again. Whilst I got on the website, I didn’t get exactly what I wanted so despite being totally against people having to work on Boxing Day, I am all for half price bath bombs so I may have to brave the store next year. So yes, I didn’t get exactly what I wanted but I did manage to pick up a few bits that I wanted to share with you (because did you really do a lush haul if you don’t do a blog post…it’s like going to the gym and posting it on social media, right?).

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    A Little Lush Christmas 2016

    Despite the spending habit I found myself in last month, I’m trying to curb my spending a little bit. But is it really winter if you’re not having a bath filled with all of the Lush products?


    I bought a few bits to keep me going through the festive period before the Lush sale hits – bring on Boxing Day when all the festive goodies that are left go down to half price!

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