A Hair Refresh with Supercuts

A Hair Refresh with Supercuts | Essential Twenty

I never get invited to events in Peterborough. I’ve been back here for over a year now, and have been to two events and it’s a bit of a downer really. Just as I was leaving Huddersfield I was starting to be invited to Leeds events but I feel like I’m just not known back home. A couple of weeks ago I was invited to visit Supercuts in my home town to try out their new Bond Ultim8 Treatment and I was really excited. I’ve only ever dyed my hair myself so I was eager to have it done professionally.

I’ve never been to Supercuts before, and I’m really not sure why. I don’t like spending a lot of money on my hair so Supercuts is a great option for me. You can walk into any one of their salons to get a great style for a more reasonable price. Prices start at just £14.95 with colour packages starting at £48 which is a lot less than I pay usually!

Supercuts has introduced Bond Ultim8 for use in salons, and comes free with any colour package, to keep hair strong and healthy even after bleaching. During bleaching, the hair bonds become damaged, which causes the hair to become weak.Bond Ultim8 has been designed to protect these bonds and prevent the usual damage. A simple two step process – a product added into the hair dye followed by a deep conditioning sealer – that only adds ten minutes to the time you’re sat in the chair, it’s a real hair saviour. My hair can be a bit of a disaster when it comes to colouring, but it’s been a week since having this done and my hair definitely does not feel bleached! Whilst it is a little drier at the ends where the lighter shades were applied, this can all be solved by some deep conditioning. And there is even a take-home conditioning treatment that may be used weekly to help strengthen the hair. I honestly thought my hair would be super brittle, but it’s doing well so far!

A Hair Refresh with Supercuts | Essential Twenty

As must as I’d have loved for Kirsty, the store manager, to have dyed my hair something a little more fun, I wasn’t sure what work would think and I’m also very lazy with my hair and wouldn’t keep on top of it. I opted for an ash blonde balayage which I sort of already had due to dodgy dye jobs. This means that my hair looks ‘done’, rather than a mess and I feel like I have proper adult hair now, instead of rubbish student hair that I definitely outgrew last year!

My only two disappointments are that I wasn’t brave enough to go a little blonder – maybe next time – and that I was the only influencer at the event. Out of four that were due to show up, it was just little old me. I really want to meet more local bloggers but it’s seemingly not meant to be (I’ll just stick with my blogger pals from further afield, I guess).

Thanks so much to Kirsty and the team at Supercuts, you can expect to see me in store again in the future!

*This hair treatment was gifted to me for review consideration. All opinions are my own.
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