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Summer Goals | Essential Twenty

Today marks the first day of me being off work for 51 days. 51 days of nothing, I’m so excited. Okay, so not strictly nothing as I am off to Spain with my family in 2 days and to France with Hayley and Katie in just under 6 weeks, but I actually get to do what I want with my time for 7 weeks and I am so ready for this time off. I’ve seen a few monthly goals posts floating about recently so I decided I’m going to put together a list of summer goals that I want to achieve over the next couple of months.

Complete my blogging to do list

Last month I put together a blogging to do list, which includes doing things like making a media kit. With 7 weeks off, I have plenty of time to get on top of my blog and on top of completing this list, I want to average writing a minimum of 10 posts a week. This should then in theory give me 3 weeks’ worth of posts (if I continue to daily blog) ready for when I start back at work in September. Some weeks will be more than this, with other weeks finding me write way less – I’m having a blogging switch off on holiday other than scheduling posts and replying to very exciting emails – but I should average it out okay.

Go to at least 4 shows

In the last 10 weeks I’ve been to 6 shows so this shouldn’t be an issue, but due to being away for 28 days of my time off – yes, I have a lot of plans not to be at home – this may be a little difficult. I do actually have plans to see a show on the 26th July and 2nd September so that halves the number I need to get to see but I’m hoping I might get a couple of trips to London slotted in. I do have the aim to see three shows, but one might not come off so I’ve dropped my goal to 4. Of course there’ll be reviews on all the shows!

Finish Watching American Horror Story

I binge watched a lot of television in the spring, but June rolled around and I just sort of stopped. I watched the first three seasons of American Horror Story but I still have Freakshow, Hotel and Roanoke to finish. I have two full weeks with zero plans at the moment so it’s the perfect time to finish it off. Definitely not the most productive of plans but it’s a goal I want to achieve just the same.

So I don’t really have many goals this summer but I just want to have a break from real work and spend a lot of time on my blog over the next few weeks. I’ve got some very exciting content in mind and some of it will take some time to put together, but I’m excited to see how my blogging goes and where it takes me this summer.

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