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Summer Favourites 2017

Summer Favourites 2017 | Essential Twenty

I can think of very few products that have wowed me through the summer. To be honest, we’ve had such up and down weather it’s been difficult to pin point things that worked well through the season as I’ve not really used things on the long-term. I do have a few products I’d like to share with you though, and that’s exactly what this post is all about. Buckle up for my summer favourites.

The Body Shop Amazonian Acai Energy Radiance Mask became a favourite of mine from day one. Unlike any other exfoliating masks in my collection, this has more of a gel consistency. Using this makes my skin look brighter and pores are visibly reduced: a real winner!

A product that really wowed me when I used it, despite not needing it too much, is the Tropic Sun Balm*. I’m really bad at remembering to carry sun cream around with me, but since this doesn’t take up too much space in my bag it was a lifesaver on holiday. SPF 50 and can be applied to the points of your body that need a little bit of extra protection – in my case that’s my shoulders and nose. I love that this is a balm as opposed to a liquid as it just works so much better for me during a hotter day. No runny sun cream, just a solid balm up to 45 degrees!

I don’t have too many makeup favourites right now, but The Body Shop Darkening Shade Adjusting Drops have been great this summer. When I got back from Spain, just one drop in my foundation corrected it enough to suit my tan. It’s super easy to go between a full drop and a quarter of a drop, so can truly customise your foundation shade. My only issue is the dropper, but I think I must have a dud as I also own the lightening drops and I have no problem with the pipette on that bottle.

Summer Favourites 2017 | Essential Twenty

My only other makeup favourite this month is the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray*. I sing its praises all the time, but with the beautiful weather we had last weekend and over odd weeks through the summer I’ve needed it! I can guarantee that my makeup will last as long as physically possible when I use this setting spray!

The final favourite I have right now is the Zoella Beauty Body Pudding. I’m not usually one to really love a body cream, but I’ve been super impressed with this one. I love that the beads burst and soak into your skin, and I’ve been enjoying using this twice a day! This was a fab buy and I can’t recommend it highly enough, whether you’re a fan of Zoe or not.

What have you enjoyed using this summer? I’m looking forward to getting towards my autumn favourites in three months as autumn and winter are the two seasons I really play with makeup. These are the months I find my firm favourites as I try out so many more products, and I can’t wait!

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