Battle of The Makeup Sponge: Beauty Blender vs Real Techniques

Battle of The Makeup Sponge: Beauty Blender vs Real Techniques

I’ve been using a sponge to apply my makeup for less than a year now, but since starting out I haven’t looked back. Starting out with the drugstore favourite, I tested out the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and loved it so much I’m on my second. But my eye kept wondering and I was desperate to test out the cult favourite, the Beauty Blender. I managed to pick up a full set of various Beauty Blender products in the sales and after trying the two interchangeably over the past couple of months I can finally talk about both of these in depth and about which tool I think is the real winner.

As I said, the Miracle Complexion Sponge (RRP £5.99) was the first of the two big sponges that I used. I picked this up for the first time whilst it was on 3 for 2 at Superdrug last year and fell in love. Initially I used it to apply all of my liquid base makeup – blending foundation and concealer to give a seamless look – but have since changed up its use a little, which I’ve explained in depth in a previous post. This sponge absorbs an awful lot of product so a little does not go a long way. If I’m using just this sponge to apply foundation I require around 3 pumps which is excessive compared to the 1-2 pumps I require if I use a brush first. Honestly, it just seems to eat a lot of product and gets really dirty really quickly.

The Beauty Blender has a much higher price point (RRP £16) and I’m honestly not sure it’s worth it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very innovative tool that blends seamlessly and it doesn’t eat up foundation the way that the Real Techniques alternative does. However, it isn’t as easy to handle, it doesn’t get as damp as I want it to for powder application. Because it is a little more dense, I find blending is a little more difficult although I am saving money when it comes to the price of foundation as I can use less to cover my face. In addition, the Beauty Blender doesn’t sheer out the coverage of my makeup as much as the Miracle Complexion Sponge does, so I definitely prefer to use this for an evening look.

I honestly prefer the Beauty Blender, but not enough to justify the price you pay for one. If it was around the £10 mark I’d be game for buying a new one when it’s time to send it to the bin, but I just can’t justify the inflated price in comparison to the Miracle Complexion Sponge. I can buy a pack of four of these sponges for not a whole lot more than one Beauty Blender so it seems daft to spend so much on just one tool. I know that some tools are worth the price in comparison to their cheaper counterparts (MAC 217 I’m looking at you), but to me the Beauty Blender doesn’t tick enough boxes for me to spend the extra £10 the company is after.

Have you tried either of these products? You’ve heard my thoughts, now I want to hear yours!

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  • The RT sponge really does soak up a load of product! I stopped using mine because I got so frustrated in cleaning it, it tears so easily. I invested in a Bobbi Brown face brush instead, which applies liquid and cream foundations beautifully with nary a brush streak in sight 🙂

    • I’ve never found that to be an issue with mine; you may have got a dud one? I’m yet to try any Bobbi Brown brushes – maybe I’ll have to treat myself x

  • sophieinwonderlandxo

    This is a great comparison, I totally agree with you here, the RT sponge soaks up so much product but it is definitely not worth splashing on a BB in comparison! I love my RT sponge 🙂 xxx

    • When my Original Beauty Blender dies a death, I’m definitely going to stick to the Real Techniques sponge – unless there’s something that seems to be the next big up and coming thing x