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Sophie, Wear SPF

Sophie, Wear SPF | Essential Twenty

My name is Sophie and I am rubbish at applying SPF. In 4 days I’m jetting off to Spain (are you sick of me talking about it yet? I’m in dire need of a holiday) and on more than one occasion I’ve had severe sunburn. I’ve got to the point where my skin has blistered, scabbed and scarred on my shoulders. I’ve been sick, I’ve been unable to sleep and I’ve had a blooming miserable holiday. Now I’m older, I’m definitely an advocate for wearing sun cream.

In my final year of university, I took a cancer biology module. It was an eye opener to the fact that at some point, everyone is prone to it. Sure, there is some familial tendencies to have certain types of cancer but cancer is a complex thing that once it gets going, it’s difficult to stop. But we can do things to reduce our chances. Eating healthily, not smoking and protecting ourselves from UV rays.

This summer, I’m taking a couple of products with me to test out with high SPF. The first is the Bioderma Phytoderm Max SPF 50+*, which is a facial SPF which is suitable for all skintypes – I can definitely seen everyone stealing this from me. This particular SPF is particularly great on sensitive skin, and also comes in tinted varieties. The second product I’m taking away with me to test is the Tropic Sun Balm SPF 50*. This is a highly effecting balm for areas of the skin prone to burning. I’ll be applying this in addiction to sun cream to my lips, nose and ears as these are the places (other than my shoulders) that get the worst sun damage. This is a balm that has been tested up to 45 celcius and it won’t melt, which is perfect for lazy days at the beach. I’ll be talking about these products on twitter whilst I’m away so you can find out of these. And of course I’ll be taking an SPF for my body. I currently have SPF 30 which I tend to use in this country, but I’ll be picking up an SPF 50 in the airport (hand luggage only, remember).

Sophie, Wear SPF | Essential Twenty

Obviously the best way to protect yourself against UV is by staying out of the sun between 11 and 3 when the rays are strongest but when you’ve paid out for a summer holiday then you want to be in the sun. Pack on the SPF, drink a bucket load of water and you’ll be safer than you realise.

I feel like this has read as a sponsored post but I assure you it isn’t. This is actually just my way of saying to myself Sophie, stop being so stupid and protect yourself on holiday. Even in this country, you should be wearing SPF but this holiday I’m going to promise myself not to ruin my skin.

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