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The Fab Pore | Essential Twenty

Face Mask Friday is back! I took a little break whilst I was away on holiday but for the forseeable future there will be a new face mask review every Friday. Today’s post is a looking at another of the Soap & Glory Face Masks (after I reviewed the No Clogs Allowed Mask not too long ago), The Fab Pore 2-in-1 Facial Mask & Peel.

Back in the Spring, I was looking for something to save my pores. Honestly, I think I need to see someone about them because they are huge around my nose and I get horrible blackheads. Yuck, right? When I was looking at skincare items to help my horrible pores, I noticed that The Fab Pore was on offer and decided to give it a whirl.

I love the look of the packaging although it does feel quite cheap to hold. I know that Soap & Glory had a bit of a revamp a couple of years ago, and looking back at old packaging I much prefer this style. However, I will say that it took me a little while to get around to using it as it just doesn’t stand out amongst my stash.

The Fab Pore is a deep cleansing facial treatment which can be used once a week to unclog unsightly pores, prevent spots and detox the skin. It can also be used more when you’re battling a breakout. It can be left on for 5 minutes for a quick fix, or longer more a more intense mask experience (I tend to go for 10-15 minutes for a deeper clean).

The Fab Pore | Essential Twenty

Containing a Poreshrink-R complex, a blend of salicylic and lactic acids, this mask fights spots by peeling away the dead skin cells which clog the pores following by a pore tightening action. The Fab Pore also contains a kaolin microclay (similar to the L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks) to soak up excess sebum. The mask also contains rice microbeads to exfoliate the skin.

The Fab Pore has a slight minty scent which definitely makes your face feel a little cleaner – it tricks you! After the chemical exfoliation of the BHAs (read more about acids in skincare here), I’m glad that the physical exfoliation isn’t too intense. It’s just enough to feel like it’s working, but not enough to feel like a real scrub.

I did really enjoy this mask, and prefer it to the other one that I’ve tried from Soap & Glory, but it’s definitely not a ‘must have’ in your collection. I find that the likes of a clay mask a couple of days a week and a chemical mask a couple of days a week would work much better. Although if you want an all-in-one mask then this is probably the mask you need in your collection, but I’m not saying that you need to rush out and buy it as a good face wash will probably do the same job.

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