Small Halloween Celebrations for Big Fun

Not everyone wants to go mad on Halloween, but even if I’m staying in, I love to celebrate somehow. Since I’ve been a student I’ve gone out every Halloween, but I know that’s not for everybody. So just for you I’ve decided to compile my favourite ways to celebrate the holiday without needing much more than a laptop and a little bit of creativity.

When I was still at school, my friend’s grandma used to throw us a little Halloween party. She would make scary snacks like Witches Fingers (frankfurter sausage with knuckles sliced into them and false nails at the tip), Banana Ghosts (halved bananas with an ice lolly stick at the flat end and eyes drawn on), and Jelly Eyeballs. There are hundreds of recipes for Halloween treats out on the internet, and I recommend checking out out Kat‘s recipe for Halloween Shortbread because they look divine (I’m making these on Thursday and I can’t wait!). Don’t forget that shops such as M&S sell Halloween crisps which always look adorable as well. Top it all off with blood orange juice for extra spookiness. I actually have a post about treats coming up on Friday so don’t forget to check back!

Last year, we decorated on the cheap. We were poor students and couldn’t afford all singing and all dancing decorations, but it didn’t stop us trying. Cotton wool can be used as spider webs, black paper (or white coloured in with a Sharpie) can create spiders, and you can pick up a pumpkin for a pound or two. Carving pumpkins is my favourite thing about Halloween and I’m so excited to do it on Friday ready for the big day! Pound shops are also a dream for Halloween decorations, and I put up little ghost fairy lights and skull tinsel each year.

Films & TV
No Halloween night-in is complete without a few screams. My favourites to watch are Dead Set, American Horror Story: Murder HouseMonster House, Orphan and Zombieland. And you can’t go wrong with a bit of my favourite wizard – Harry Potter! Okay, so a few of those aren’t that scary but you need some comedy in your lives as well!

So what are you waiting for? Invite a few other people over who don’t want to head out either, and you have got a night in to remember. Just don’t forget to buy in some sweets for those Trick or Treaters who come a-knocking.

What are your favourite ways to celebrate Halloween?

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