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Small Drugstore Palette Declutter, Summer 2017

Small Drugstore Palette Declutter | Essential Twenty

A short but sweet declutter post, mainly because there are only two reasons I’m getting rid of these: either they’re old or the pigmentation isn’t there. Whatever the reason, I don’t use the eyeshadow quads (and mini palettes of similar sizes) at all anymore so I’m saying goodbye to them.

The Rimmel 5 Pan Eyeshadow Palette in Brixton Brown was a palette that had been on my radar for a long time before I bought it. I remember Lily Pebbles raving about it, but once it landed in my collection I was bitterly disappointed. She stated that the shadows were buttery and easy to blend, but I just found them to be chalky and not very pigmented at all. I really get on well with the more recently released Rimmel Magnif’eyes Grunge Glamour palette, but this is just a no-go for me.

This particular Freedom Quad Eyeshadow Palette was included in the Freedom Makeup The Black Swan Makeup Kit, which I bought simply for the white foundation and liquid liner. This quad isn’t bad, but I have the shades elsewhere in my collection meaning I definitely don’t need this too.

Small Drugstore Palette Declutter | Essential Twenty

I was really impressed by the Covershoot Cosmetics Smokey Eyes palette, but the Covershoot Cosmetics Neon Palette* was a bitter disappointment. The shades were chalky and not pigmented at all and I’ve just never used it. I’ve got much better neon shades in my collection on the off chance I fancy using these shades.

Another palette I’ve never used is this GOSH Eyeshadow Trio. The champagne shadow would make a beautiful highlight if it wasn’t so glittery, and the other two shades are nothing unique to my collection. Definitely time to say goodbye.

The final palette I’m getting rid of is an old KIKO palette from a limited edition collection. I have no idea what the name is because the label has worn off, but it’s a palette that I loved. I used this a lot when I first got it, and I’m kind of sad to be saying goodbye. However, it’s old and I just don’t use it anymore.

I’ve done a pretty good job getting rid of both high end and drugstore palettes in this declutter session, and I can finally see all my palettes and quads in one drawer. My single shadows still need a look through so perhaps that’ll be next weeks post!

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