Face Mask Friday: My Single Use Mask Collection

Single Use Face Mask Collection | Essential Twenty

My second Face Mask Friday, and the second instalment of my face mask collection. Last week I told you all about what’s in my main collection, but today I’m chatting about all the single-use face masks that are all in my stash.

I personally don’t buy a lot of single-use masks as they are quite expensive per use in comparison to tubes and pots of masks. However, they are great for travel (yes, I travel with face masks) or for a one off treatment. Not usually got lacklustre skin but you need a bit of a boost? Try out a single-use mask. A little hormonal breakout on your chin that just needs a bit of a soothe? Single-use mask is the way to go. And that’s usually why I go for them.

A while back I bought a pack of Tony Moly Sheet Masks from Amazon (which can be bought here). Whilst I’m yet to use a single mask, I’ll definitely crack into them soon and let you know exactly what I think. £1.50 for a sheet mask is a total bargain if you ask me, and I’m excited to give them a go.

Tony Moly Sheet Masks | Essential Twenty

7th Heaven Masks remind me of sleepovers gone by. I would beg my mum to treat me (and whoever was staying over) to the Cucumber Peel Off Mask. Every now and again, usually when I’m back in Huddersfield and can easily get into Body Care or Savers, I treat myself to a few to add to my stash. The other two non-sheet masks I have in my collection are the Kiehl’s Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Soothing Mask (which I had in the face mask collection I put together last summer – I really need to use this up) and the Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask which I got in the Sanctuary Spa Advent Calendar.

I’ve also started trying out other sheet masks recently, and have picked up a couple of the Origins sheet masks. They have been on 10% off recently, and £4.50 isn’t ridiculous for a sheet mask! I’ve also got a couple of the Boots Sheet Masks, but have only photographed one here…because I’ve bought more since I bought the first one and I hadn’t even tried it. I have a problem, okay?!

Single-Use Face Mask Collection | Essential Twenty

Now I’ve rounded up my face mask collection, I’m going to get testing them all and can tell you my thoughts. Check back every Friday for a new face mask review until at least the end of October (I have a lot of masks, I can’t help it).


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