Single Shadow Declutter, Summer 2017

Single Shadow Declutter | Essential Twenty

These declutters seem to be going on forever, don’t they? This week it’s all about the single shadows in my collection of which I don’t have all that many but I’m getting rid of the few that I don’t ever use. Although to be honest I very rarely use single shadows and tend to reach more for my palettes, I can’t not keep a few. But the four in today’s post are ones that I never use, so it’s time to declutter and say goodbye.

The first two shadows I’m getting rid of came in beauty crackers last Christmas. I can’t remember what the brand was but I had three, and the lilac and blue just don’t have the pigmentation. I’m keeping the silver as it’s a beautiful shade with great pigmentation, but the lilac and blue leave much to be desired.

Single Shadow Declutter | Essential Twenty

The third shadow I’m popping in the bin is the Essence Mono Eyeshadow in The Grammy Goes Glammy. Some American and Canadian YouTubers were using this as a highlight but when I picked it up, it smashed on the way home. I had fully intended on fixing it with rubbing alcohol but for the sake of the £1 that it cost me I’ll just pick up another next time I spot it in Wilko (although it’s always out of stock when I go into my local store).

The final shadow I’m getting rid of is this miniature TheBalm Eyeshadow in Flirty. This was part of the Nude Dude palette which differs slightly from the Nude Tude Palette which I never used and have already decluttered. Whilst the shade is a beautiful rose gold and unlike anything else in my collection, it just takes so much work to get any pigmentation from it and it’s just not worth it.

Just a short declutter today, but I feel like I’m probably around halfway through now so that’s a good sign! Next week I’m going through my cream shadow collection so see you next Sunday for another declutter.

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