Seventeen Stay Time Foundation Review

Seventeen Stay Time Foundation Review

Every now and again there’s a makeup item that just one person you know raves about but you don’t hear information from anyone else about? Then you’re not sure whether it’s just underrated, totally unheard of or it’s actually the pits. This was me with the Seventeen Stay Time Foundation and I can tell you exactly what I think in today’s post. 

The person who recommended this foundation to me was Hayley and whilst I had no reviews to go off, I’m easily swayed. I love the sister concealer and at less than £6 per bottle, I didn’t have a lot to lose. It’s also cruelty free which opens the prospective market up for Seventeen, and as a budget brand you’ve really got nothing to lose. Very few drugstore makeup brands are cruelty free at the moment so it’s refreshing to find a brand that is. I did previously mention this in my winter favourites, but I’m diving into a full review now.

One big fat negative to begin with is that the shade selection is the pits. Of course, the Stay Time Foundation is drugstore so I didn’t expect a lot from it, but this may be one of the worst shade ranges I’ve seen from a foundation. If you’re really pale, or are darker than a medium-olive tone, you won’t be trying this foundation. The shade I’ve got also runs quite pink so yellow undertones may want to properly check the shades about before purchasing. Usually I’m not the palest shade in foundation, but for this one I am. One day companies will learn that one size doesn’t fit all. 

Seventeen Stay Time Foundation | Essential Twenty

I also don’t like that that packaging is opaque. Sure, the plastic is great for travelling as it means it’s probably not going to shatter in your bag, but you can’t see how much product is left! Not knowing how much is left of a product is a real bug bear of mine and it’s definitely something I’d change about the foundation. 

This is a very full coverage foundation when applied with a brush (I like to use the Blank Canvas Cosmetics F20 Buffer Brush) or a medium coverage foundation if applied with a damp sponge. This is definitely not a day to day foundation for me, but I find I use it most weekends. The wear time is pretty good and my face doesn’t eat this foundation up which is definitely what I need. 

All in all, I was underwhelmed by the packaging of the Stay Time Foundation but boy oh boy is the formula worth a try. It’s definitely the most full coverage foundation in my collection and I have no doubts that I’ll repurchase this when the time comes. 

Have you tried the Seventeen Stay Time Foundation? Or have you got another full coverage drugstore foundation love?

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  • Sophie in Wonderland xo

    Fab review, I am tempted to try this! xx

  • I’ve just ordered 2 more bottles. I had the shade fair (which is far from fair) before and had to use a hella lotta lightening drops with it. I’ve just ordered 2 bottles of Soft Ivory so hoping it’s better.

    I love how much coverage this offers, especially as I need it – plus it’s like £6.50 a pop.

    • It’s almost worth using a full bottle of lightening drops with the foundation as it’s still cheaper than a bottle of high end! I may have to go for a darker shade as the summer months are rolling in x

  • xkass

    Oh I bet I wouldn’t be able to find this in my shade as I am so pale, normally I’m the lightest shade in foundations! I’m loving drugstore at the moment! X

    • I’m usually the second or third lightest in foundation, and I have to wear the palest shade during the winter. It’s a shame there aren’t more shades available! x

  • This one is getting so much lovely! Can’t beat a full coverage at that price!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

    • Definitely not! I wish more foundations were this good for that price x

  • This is really interesting! I love a full coverage foundation but shade range is always an issue as I’m the palest shade, unless I have fake tan on! Might have to give this a try after reading this x

    Cally |

    • I wish drugstore brands would give a better shade range! x

  • I agree this foundation is fab for full coverage, give it a good blend and it looks really nice. The Stay Time concealer is my holy grail, fab stuff.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

    • Seventeen are definitely an underrated brand. The foundation and concealer are both so fab x

  • xkatiemiddleton

    I really need to get this a try! I hear nothing but good things about this foundation! I’m the lightest shades in most foundations so hopefully they’ll stock one to suit my skin! Will have to keep an eye out for it!

    Katie x

    • It’s such a great foundation, and I reckon Porcelain would be a pretty good match for you! x

  • I love hearing about full coverage foundations especially ones from the drugstore.. I’ll check this foundation out next time im in Boots.. it’s so frustrating when foundations don’t do a full shade range!


    • It’s an amazing product, definitely take a look! Although be aware that I think it’s been getting some hype from somewhere as I’ve recently struggled to pick up a back up (every Boots I tried was sold out for ages)! x