Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara

Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara | Essential Twenty

Once again, Rimmel have been absolute angels and surprised me with a parcel containing their latest product launch. A couple of weeks ago, the brand new Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara* dropped through my letter box so I’ve been testing it out.

Firstly, I’m not sure how I feel about Rimmel’s constant launches especially since they’re a bit hit and miss. I couldn’t use the brow filling powders (totally the wrong colours for my brows), but I was a big fan of the Scandaleyes micro liner. This mascara sits somewhere between the two in terms of how much I enjoy using these products.

The fibre wand does a good job at fanning out the lashes and separating them, but it’s a very nondescript brush and formula. It doesn’t hold a curl brilliantly but it’s easy to remove so it’s a reasonable mascara for every day use, especially for work.

It’s the ‘shake’ aspect that confuses me. This mascara supposedly has a clump free formula and also stays fresh from use to use. Obviously having only had the mascara for a few weeks I can’t talk about how long the mascara lasts in the tube in terms of staying ‘fresh’ but I need to be honest as I can in this review.

Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara | Essential Twenty

Firstly, the mascara is blooming heavy! The shaker aspect adds a lot of weight to the mascara which makes me unlikely to take it travelling with me. Seconds, how am I ever going to know if it becomes refreshed each time? The only way to test this is to wait for it to dry out a little which isn’t going to happen for a while. One thing I did spot is that rather than the usual 3-6 months recommended use for the mascara, this does have 12 months before expiry. Much longer than any other mascara I own!

Sure, it’s a novel idea but it’s not something that can really be reviewed at such short notice. If you’re someone to only have a couple of mascaras in your collection then it might be worth picking up the Volume Shake Mascara, but if you’re like me and you like to try a lot of mascaras then it’s probably not worth it, especially when there are plenty of other mascaras on the market that give a similar effect to the lashes.

The Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara* is an interesting concept, and if you want to try it out for yourself you can pick it up in store now for £8.99.

*I received this product as a press sample but all opinions are my own
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