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REN Perfect Canvas | Essential Twenty

Recently I’ve found PR packages few and far between. Whilst this may seem sad to some, this has been great for me. I’m trying to declutter my life and alongside this, I’ve been able to really try out new products for a reasonable period of time. At the back end of August REN Perfect Canvas* was launched, their first almost-makeup product amongst their fantastic skincare line.

Right now I’m exhausted from three days of inductions for new students at work, so forgive me if I’m incorrect when I say that I don’t think I’ve ever really sung the praises of REN products on my blog. The REN V-Cense Night Cream is pretty much my all time favourite, and I’ve given other products a whirl over the years. Basically, they’re fantastic and I was so game to try something new from them.

I love a good primer, and the REN Perfect Canvas has swiftly jumped its way to the top of my favourites list. Being silicone free and mattifying, this is exactly what I look for in a primer. Straight after moisturising, I take a few drops into my hands and work it into the skin. Unlike other primers, this is almost serum like. It’s not a cream and it’s not a gel; it’s pretty much a liquid.

REN Perfect Canvas | Essential Twenty

Perfect Canvas sinks into the skin beautifully before applying my every day base. Using this product for the past couple of weeks, my skin feels smoother, makeup goes on effortlessly and my face looks put together all day – I can’t ask for much more from a primer! I’m fascinated by the way Perfect Canvas has improved my skin, not just my makeup application and wear time, in just a matter of days. It really is better skin in a bottle; a real multi-tasker.

Before you leave me to go snap up this gorgeous product, can we just talk about the packaging? Easy to photography and beautiful on your dressing table, this is a blogger’s dream! Okay, so it’s not cheap at £50 for 30ml, but I honestly think it’s worth it. I spend every day in a lab and my makeup is still top drawer by the end of the day. I’m obsessed!

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