My Recipe Book Wish List: Spring 2017

My Recipe Book Wish List: Spring 2017 | Essential Twenty

If you read my post all about how I meal plan, you’ll have seen a sneak peak of my recipe book collection. It may look like it’s getting out of control but I’m happy with how it’s coming along. Yes, it isn’t complete yet. My collection currently houses around 50 books from a variety of authors, but I want to expand it! A lot of sad little secrets about me are revealed in this post so keep an eye out to learn all about me (you’ll just realise how dull my life is).

I treat my cookbooks as reading books. Not only do I cook from them, but I sit down to enjoy reading them at night. I love the photography, and to me the words are like poetry. I’m a huge foodie and this is why I collect them. I do also cook from them, so they’re not just coffee table books.

Sharon is one of my best blogging pals, and she’s been recommending some vegan cookbooks to me. On her recommendation I bought a couple that are already in my collection, but one of her recommendations that I’m yet to buy is Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give A F**k. I’ve had a flick through this book in Waterstones and it looks like a great book to read, not just to cook from. It has comedy and yummy food so what more could you ask for in a cookbook?

Another vegan recipe book I’ve been eyeing up is Veganomican: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook. This cookbook contains over 250 tried and tested recipes and is supposed to be great for people new to vegan cooking. Whilst I cook a lot, I use a lot of butter so vegan cookbooks are a great source of information to stop using it.

The third and final plant-based cookbook I’ve been wanting in my collection for some time is Deliciously Ella. I’m all about supporting other bloggers, and I’m not sure why I’ve not bought this before. It’s got mixed reviews when you go through Amazon, but people must still be buying it now for a reason.

Speaking of bloggers, the Madeleine Shaw books are all on my wish list too. Whilst I don’t own any of her books, to me it makes sense to get her first book, well, first. I’ve heard that Get The Glow has some incredible recipes for sweet treats that still use whole foods, so I definitely need to treat myself to this one soon.

Another book that I’d love to get my hands on is blogger Jack Monroe’s A Girl Called Jack. I find that a lot of my recipe books call for fairly pricey ingredients, but the whole idea behind this book is that every recipe is affordable. Whilst the price of food has increased since this book was published, every recipe is achievable, no matter your budget. Another budget cookbook I’ve been loving is One Pound Meals.

Recipe Book Wishlist | Essential Twenty

On my wish list I’ve got some books from iconic British chefs. I flipping love Jamie Oliver cookbooks, and my goal before I’m 25 is to own all of his cookbooks. I currently own just over half of them so I’m definitely on my way! Out of the ones I don’t own so far, the one I want most is Jamie At Home. This book uses a lot of home grown ingredients, and I hope to have a vegetable garden of my own one day to be able to follow this book precisely.

I’m a little ashamed to admit that I don’t own any books from Nigella Lawson, and I feel like that makes me a bad food fan. When reading up on which book you must have from Nigella, the answer on a lot of forums seems to be How To Eat. Supposedly there is something for everyone in this book which would make it the perfect dinner party companion. Speaking of which, if you’re after a recipe book for entertaining I can’t recommend Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook. It’s great for dinner parties, not just Christmas!

Another British chef I don’t own any books from is Yotam Ottolenghi – an Israeli born chef with a number of recipe books. I have occasional recipes from him from magazines and in collective cookbooks, and I know I need more! Ottolenghi: The Cookbook was his first release, and whilst I don’t mind which I get first, it makes sense to have this one. He’s had rave reviews for them all so I basically need them all anyway.

And one more British chef that has released cookbooks that I’ve heard great things about is Gizzie Erksine. Her book, Gizzi’s Healthy Appetite, was mentioned in Anna’s post on her favourite cookbooks over a year ago and I’ve not stopped thinking about it since! The recipes inside look super yummy and I can just tell that when I get my hands on it, it will be a firm favourite.

The older I’m getting, the more I want books that are more along the line of reference books. I’ve recently bought Mexico The Cookbook, and now I’d love one for every culture. Phaidon have a fair few for different regions, including information surrounding Greece, China and Persian cooking, but the one I’d love most is The Silver Spoon – all around Italian cooking. This has over 1000 pages all around Italian cooking, so it’s a must have in any kitchen!

Another reference recipe book which is on the pricier side of things is Larousse Gastronomique. This is a culinary guide with every technique and ingredient explained. A must have for any foodie! It’s not cheap by any means, but it’s a book that I’d love to get my hands on.

Recipe Book Wish List | Essential Twenty

The final recipe book I’m after isn’t like the others. It’s The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book, and I’m waiting for Jack to cave to buy it for me. We both love Bob’s Burgers (one of my favourite TV shows) and this cookbook has recipes from the show. It’s basically a game of who caves to buy it first, and then I’ll cook from it!

So yes, I am a recipe book addict. I hold my hands up and admit it! One day I aim to fill my kitchen wall with shelves upon shelves of cookbooks, and at the rate I’m going it won’t be long until I fill up the shelves I have.

Which cookbooks are your favourite? I’m always open to recommendations! As you can tell, I’m not fussy about which books I have in my collection – as long as the food inside works I’m happy!

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