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Recently Read in 2017 #1

An Overview Of Books I've Read Recently

One of my goals for 2017 was to read 52 books, and I’m getting through them pretty quickly by my standards. I’ve been using Good Reads to keep track of the books that I’ve been reading but why not keep a tally over here too? Today I’m sharing the first eight books that I’ve read this year with my thoughts, and letting you know which books you need to read pretty sharpish.

The first book I want to chat about is The Bikini Body 28 Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide by Kayla Itsines. I wasn’t sure whether to include this in my list of 52 books, simply because I picked it up as a recipe book. However, before the recipes begin there are around 100 pages of information about diet, nutrition and how to eat properly. It’s most common sense (and there is questionable science in some places) in this section and the recipe section is a bit of a pain. The idea is that you follow her weight loss guide, but the recipes are in the most bizarre order which makes it difficult to follow. I don’t think I’ll be following this diet, but the recipes do look yummy and I can’t wait to try them out…when I can work out how to find the damn things in a suitable order!

This year I’m determined to up my blogging game. I’ve heard mixed reviews about reading books on blogging as Google changes its rules all the time and most things are outdated by the time a book goes to print. But my thinking is that the basics will remain the same, and when you’re a clueless as I am, you need the basics! The Google Checklist Marketing Edition 2016 by Amen, Paz & Kavita Sharma has been a really interesting read. Yes, I’m sure I could’ve got all this information by searching online but I like to have a physical copy of my notes to hand and this is definitely serving that purpose. It’s definitely more orientated towards businesses rather than bloggers but it’s not a bad little read if you want some basic SEO talk, a few must-have plugins and the odd social media tip.

Jack bought me How The Zebra Got Its Stripes by Leo Grasset for Christmas for two reasons: it had a zebra on the front and it was about genetics. I’ve got a huge love for zebras (favourite animal) and a degree in medical genetics, so it seemed pretty damn perfect. I haven’t read anything remotely scientific for fun in a quite some time so this was a nice starter, although I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t understand the topic. It’s one of those books that is an easy read if it’s your field of interest, but would take a lot of extra work if you didn’t understand the topic.

Book I've Read Recently (Jan-Feb 2017)

Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter was the last book that I started out of this batch, and the second to last book that I finished. This was far more graphic than a book I would normally pick up, but I really had no idea when I bought it. If you’re not a fan of reading about gruesome murder then I’d steer well clear, but if you’re a big fan of intense crime books then you should definitely think about giving this book a go.

A book that was nothing like I was expecting it to be was The Passenger by Lisa Lutz. Following one girl and her many identities as she’s on the run from the coppers, and her past quickly catching up from her, it definitely required a little bit more attention than the other books! But it’s a great read. I didn’t expect the twist at the end; definitely one of my favourite reads of the past month or so.

The only re-read of this book selection was Just In Case by Meg Rosoff. I remember reading this for the first time between year 8 and 9 at school, and reading it in one sitting in the garden on a really sunny day. And that’s all I could tell you about it. I honestly don’t remember a thing about it, but I did enjoy this book when I re-read it. It’s definitely aimed at a younger audience than 22 year old me, so unless you’re into YA fiction I probably wouldn’t bother with it.

Lying In Wait by Liz Nugent is definitely the most heartbreaking book that I’ve read recently. The end cut me like a knife and I was so sad that it’s how it had to end. I can’t spoil it for you, but you can see everything coming until the very last chapter, which will just break you. This was the third thriller that I’ve picked up this year and I still have ten more on my ‘to read’ pile, so I clearly have no plans of ending my thriller binge any time soon.

Shifting away from thrillers for the final book on this list is Strictly Between Us by Jane Fallon. Every now and again I need to read chick lit to remove myself from the intensity of thrillers, and that the exact reason I grabbed this book. It didn’t require any brain power, nor did it follow the plot the way that I wanted it to, but I needed an easy read after Lying In Wait.

What have you been reading recently? I’ve already shot through another three since putting this post together and am always after recommendations (as well as needing to get through most of the books on this list).

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