Real Techniques Core Collection

The Real Techniques Core Collection is one of the first ‘proper’ makeup brush sets I ever bought. I still use it now, and since Boots had them at half price back in August, I thought I’d pick up another set (mainly so that when they’re filthy I can get away with not washing them for a little bit longer).

Real Techniques Core Collection

As I said, I’ve been using these brushes for a while, so I am able to do a full review without having wrecked brushes (is it just me, or are new makeup brushes one of the most wonderful things to hold ever?). I got rid of the carry case straight away because I just don’t like them. As I’ve already had a Core Collection set and a Starter Set, I knew what I was getting myself in for and I knew I’d never use it so there was no point in my taking up precious space with it. They’re useful if the sets are the only brushes you use, but I have so many other brushes that I use regularly that it seems stupid to carry around packs of four or five brushes.

Contour Brush The contour brush is one of my favourites from this set. It’s such a great brush if you’re a beginner to contouring (I know strobing is the in thing at the minute, but I still love a good contour), and I actually tend to use this brush to blend out a contour that I’ve used a flat top brush to create. If you don’t like it for contour, it works pretty well as a concealer brush for under the eyes, which is what I used it for originally. It’s like a slightly bigger version of the RT Setting Brush. This is definitely a brush that I recommend to add to your collection, as it’s more versatile than you may think.

Pointed Concealer Brush This is my least used brush from the set, as it is too small for applying foundation (I’m also not a fan of applying foundation with a flat brush – I much prefer to buff it in) and I don’t really know what else to use it for. On occasion, I use it to blend out liquid highlighters such as Benefit’s High Beam, but I just don’t rate this as a brush. It also feels a lot more synthetic than the other RT brushes, which sounds stupid as they’re synthetic brushes, but if you’ve handled this brush, you’ll understand.

Accent Brush This is like a teeny-tiny version of the pointed foundation brush, and it’s suggested by Sam & Nic (the creators of these brushes) that you use this for concealer. Personally, I think it’s way too small for concealer, but it’s quite a good detailer brush for the eyes. Yes, there is a detailer brush by Real Techniques, but I like this one more. I find it very easy to use to line my lower lash line with eyeshadow using the brush, and you can get a very thin, precise line.

Real Techniques Core Collection

Buffing Brush Last, but by no means least, is the Buffing Brush. This is my favourite brush in the set, and I think it’s wonderful for a slightly heavier powdering. If I want to lightly powder my face, I use a duo fibre brush, but this is much better for a full layer, or if I’m using just powder instead of foundation. I don’t like using this for liquid foundation as I find that the bristles are a little too sparse (and I prefer the RT Expert Face Brush for liquid foundation application), but it works wonders for powder.

Real Techniques are such an affordable brush brand, and they’re easy to work with for beginners, but you can also get some wonderful finishes with a bit of practice. I would recommend these brushes to anybody who is into makeup, whether it’s been for a couple of months or for a number of years. This set is worth buying for the contour and buffing brushes alone, and this is the set which caused me to branch out into the world of Real Techniques. I now have a good proportion of the RT brushes, and can’t wait to get my hands on a few more.

What is your favourite Real Techniques makeup brushes? Or do you prefer a different affordable brush brand? Let me know in the comments below.

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