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My Provisional Interrail Plans

My Provisional Interrail Plans | Essential Twenty

You may have spotted on twitter that I’m looking at going interrailing next summer. I’m definitely a homebody and whilst I love exploring the UK and frequently visit places by myself, I’ve never done anything quite as scary as going abroad alone. I’ve taken one solo flight in almost 23 years. Seriously, I just don’t go abroad alone. And whilst I probably won’t be alone this time (hopefully Jack will be able to come with me), it’s a scary thought! By talking about it here, I can finally feel like I’m implementing the idea of a summer of interrail.

I’m very much in the planning stages. I’ve got a couple of guidebooks, I’ve bookmarked about 50 blogs and I’m spending every spare moment calculating a required budget and trawling through pinterest for the perfect trip. In 5 weeks I’m hoping to visit 7 countries – 11 cities – and also maybe throw in a mini cruise. What a whirlwind summer, right? In the not too distant future I’m going to have a post all about why I’m scared to interrail but for now I want to share roughly where I’m hoping to go and why. I’ve also thrown in some pretty swoon worthy photos I’ve found from various travel blogs.

Bruges | Essential Twenty

Bruges, image by Eurail


I’ve never really thought about visiting Brussels until Jack put it in my head. Whilst Paris looks far out of our budget, I’d love to involve a Eurostar journey and starting the trip this way seems perfect. In the past couple of months, Jack watched In Bruges and the scenery was so beautiful that he hasn’t stopped talking about it since.  The main square and holy buildings look beautiful, and a canal cruise and a brewery tour obviously sound wonderful, but I’m dying to take a trip to the Chip Museum. Yes, a museum all around the humble fry. Count me in!

Amsterdam | Essential Twenty

Amsterdam, image by Alamy via The Telegraph


Whilst everyone talks about seeing the subjects that we find taboo in Amsterdam, on my interrail trip I’m more interested in simply walking about. I feel like this particular trip will involve a number of WWII sites, and I particularly looking forward to seeing Anne Frank’s House (if looking forward to is the correct phrasing). I might even be convinced to get on a bike and cycle around, although I highly doubt it!

Berlin | Essential Twenty

Berlin, image by Must See Places


I’ve wanted to visit Berlin since I studied German. I have an a level in German and I remember learning a lot about the history of the city. I’m also a bit of a German history buff when it comes to Hitler’s rise to power right the way through to the falling of the Berlin wall. Jack doesn’t have the same interests as me so some parts may have to be cut as a compromise, but I’d love to see the East Side Gallery, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Reichstag Building at some point! Berlin is looking at being one of our longer stopovers on our interrail journey at this moment in time, although this is definitely more for my benefit.

Prague | Essential Twenty

Prague, image by Goats On The Road


I know very little about Prague other than that it’s cheap and looks pretty. We’re actually including a few cities like this in our trip – those we don’t know too much about and can just wander around to break up our travelling a little bit.

Wroclaw | Essential Twenty

Wroclaw, image by Ashton Jade


Put on our list simply because Kirsty raves about the place, Wroclaw is going to be a flying visit. Wroclaw seems like a natural stopover from Prague to Krakow and we’re planning on just wondering around the square for around 4 or 5 hours whilst we wait for our coach onto one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever stepped foot in.

Krakow | Essential Twenty

Krakow, a place I’ve actually visited


In 2011 just after I got my GCSE results, I went to visit family in Poland with my dad, grandad and cousin. We spent approximately 2 hours in Krakow but I fell in love and knew I’d return one day. I want to spend more time just strolling around the city as well as taking a trip out to Auschwitz if the opportunity arises. If you’ve never been to Krakow I urge you to take a weekend to explore, because that’s exactly my plan when I interrail!

Budapest | Essential Twenty

Budapest, image by Money We Have


Budapest has never been on my list of places to visit, but after both my brother and one of my best friends visiting this year I’m intrigued to visit myself. This is another stopover place for us but we can probably explore for a day or two on our 5 week journey!

Vienna | Essential Twenty

Vienna, image by Big Bus Tours


When I was 18 I was offered a summer job in Vienna. At the time I turned it down because I was terrified of failing my A Levels and needing to ring around universities, but boy do I regret not moving there. This is just another one of those beautiful cities that I wouldn’t mind walking around for a few days but we have no specific things in mind at present.

Salzburg | Essential Twenty

Salzburg, image by The Travelista


The home of The Sound Of Music, this is actually Jack’s choice of city. Not for the musical, but the train journey across Austria would be beautiful and we can also take a trip into the Alps for a hike. Again, not my idea! I’m just happy to wander about before our final country. Although, Jess‘ pictures from her recent trip look gorgeous and I’d love to be able to see those sites in person!

Dubrovnik | Essential Twenty

Dubrovnik, image by Importanne Resort


Croatia is the main destination for our trip. We’re hoping to visit the Plitvice Lakes National Park, as well as spending a few days in Split and Dubrovnik. In fact, if we can afford it I’m more than up for taking part in MedSailors. It looks stunning and I’m absolutely desperate to try out a trip like it. It will be a very expensive end to the trip, but definitely worth it.

And that’s it as far as provisional plans go. We may have to cut down but these are our provisional plans. I can’t wait to get them into action and hopefully have the best summer ever! Let me know if you’ve been to any of these places because I’d love recommendations.

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