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A New Skincare Regime: Proactiv+

For literal months I have been trying out a new skincare regime. Proactiv+ is something that I used to see reviews on (mainly because I was googling Adam Levine and he was a spokesperson *heart eye emoji*) but more recently it has been appearing in Boots and I was interested.


When I got the opportunity to try their Three Step Core System*, I jumped at the chance. I wanted to see if all the positive reviews about this skincare system were true or just celebrities getting paid to say what the audience wanted to here.

Please excuse the old style photography in this post. Guess how long this post has been coming for…


In this post, I shared my makeup-less face, and I wanted to see if this did anything for my skin. This is particularly great for acne which no, I don’t have, but I definitely get more spots than your average hormonal breakout.

First Impressions
Step 1 is a skin smothing exfoliator which is a very light and not uncomfortable to use. Step 2 is the pore targeting treatment which is incredibly smooth on skin and also sinks in quickly. Step 3 is the complexion perfecting hydrator which also sinks in very quickly but is very thick to be in a squeezy tube. I also received the skin purifying mask which is a face mask to be used in addition to the skincare system.


I’ll start with my downer. My main problems came with the moisturiser (step 3). Firstly I was disappointed that there was no form of SPF, as I find that SPF in moisturiser is fine on my skin but additional suncream usually breaks me out. It was also very thick to be found in a tube, and would work much better in a tub or one that could be dispensed through a pump. I could only use this on no makeup days or in the evening as it does not sit well under makeup. If there was a separate day and night cream then that would be fine, but as it’s one of those ‘one size fits all’ products, I was a little gutted by this.


I didn’t really think the mask did a lot personally. It just didn’t work for me. The instructions that were included in the kit said it could be used as an overnight targeted spot treatment but I didn’t find it worked like that, nor that it did a whole lot as a 10 minute masks.


I have to say that I’ve been loving the exfoliator! I’ve been using it everyday with my magnitone and it sloughs away my dead skin cells but it gentle enough to use as a daily cleanser. I do prefer to use this in the morning as my evening skincare routine has been a set thing for around 2 years now, and facial wash isn’t one of those products (is that bad?).


The pore targeting treatment is beautiful and really sinks into the skin quickly. I feel like this is the one product that I would use over all the others. I genuinely feel like this is the product that tightens my skin and gives it less texture (which is something that I’m seriously suffering at the moment).

Overall Impressions

In the long term, I can’t say that I noticed this doing much. Yes, the products were nice but my skin didn’t clear up using it. Maybe I have the wrong sort of spots for these products, and since I tend to get most of my breakouts from not enough water or during my time of the month.


However, just for the two products that I loved from this set (the exfoliator and the pore targeting treatment) I would definitely consider repurchasing. They just really worked well with my skin and I did notice my skin looking brighter and tighter This system can be bought directly through Proactiv+ for £20, and can also be found down the skincare aisle at Boots for a hell of a lot more. This set is supposed to last 60 days, but I still have product left in all the tubes and I’m around 3 months into owning this. Pretty reasonable value for money in my opinion at £20!


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*This post products bought with vouchers that I was gifted in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own. My full disclaimer can be found here.

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