Testing In Beauty, March 2018

    March Beauty Testing | Essential Twenty

    My beauty hat is firmly back on after a little bit of a break from it. After picking up a fair few new products over the previous months, I’m properly back in the beauty testing saddle. This month I’m testing some products that have been in my stash for a little while as well as some brand new goodies that have dropped on my door mat over the past couple of weeks.

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    Behind The Scenes At Hedda Gabler

    Hedda Gabler, Behind The Scenes | Essential Twenty

    You know how I got the chance to see Hedda Gabler earlier in the week? Well this little blogger was invited by the lovely folks at Milton Keynes Theatre to meet with Sian Wiggins, the company manager for the Hedda Gabler tour, to get a taste of what the show means to her, and what it’s like behind the scenes.
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    Hedda Gabler, Milton Keynes Theatre

    Hedda Gabler UK Tour 2017/2018 | Essential Twenty

    I love a press night. Okay, so I’ve only been to two before (The Railway Children and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time) because getting to London after work is a nightmare, but I love the glitz and glamour of an ATG members room. On Tuesday I was invited to the press night for Hedda Gabler at Milton Keynes theatre, and jumped at the chance to see this sold-out National Theatre production on tour during its final few weeks.

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    Realisations Whilst Binging Friends on Netflix

    Friends was a huge part of my childhood. Watching endless repeats on E4 was pretty much how I spent every evening after school. With Friends hitting Netflix last month, everyone was pumped to relive that portion of their childhood, and I was definitely excited to be part of it. Since rewatching Friends (which I have just finished), I realised a few things. Some are lessons, some are fun realisations and some are just points I’d never put down on paper before.

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    An Interview with John Ward | Electra, The Bunker

    Electra | Essential Twenty

    My first theatre interview of 2018 is here! Despite not including it in my 2018 goals, I would really like to expand what I blog about when it comes to the theatre and interviewing the cast and creative teams behind productions is a wonderful way for me to do this. And a fantastic way for you to get to know more about the shows currently playing all over the country. Electra is playing in The Bunker from 27th February, and I’ve had the fabulous opportunity to chat with DumbWise Production’s artistic director about the show, as well as learning more about the theatre company itself.

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    What’s Going On In My Life?

    Life Update February 2018 | Essential Twenty

    I’ve got a little bit of a life update for you today. I fancied a chatty post (mainly because I have no desire to take beautiful photos right now as I’m in the midst of blog prop shopping), so that’s what you shall receive. Essential Twenty behind the scenes, if you please.

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