Blogmas Day 15: A Disappointing Christmas Present

    This is the third post in a row with a sort of negative spin but this is a result of situations out of my control. I promise things will get more positive from here on out. Tomorrow is way more future orientated as opposed to me dwelling on the past.

    Day 15

    Do you remember as a child having that one toy that no matter how many times you asked for it, you never got it? Mine was Amazing Ally (watch this video if you don’t know what Amazing Ally is). Every time a new Argos catalogue came out, it’d be the first thing I’d circle. It was always at the top of my Christmas and Birthday lists for so many years and by the time I received it, it had been approximately five years of waiting.

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    Blogmas Day 14: Monday Moan

    I’ve got a very brief post to share with you all today. Due to a couple of situations beyond my control, I’ve not been able to take some blog photos required for the remainder of blogmas. I may also not be able to attend some ‘events’ that I wanted to before Christmas to make it into a blogmas posts. And there are two main reasons for this.

    Day 14

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    Blogmas Day 13: Finding Out Santa Isn’t Real

    I remember what it felt like to have my heart ripped into two one December afternoon. I couldn’t tell you what year it was but I want to say I was 9 or 10 when it happened, and it was the day I found out my parents had been lying to me for years. The day that I found out that Father Christmas didn’t exist.

    Day 13

    It was a neighbour that had put doubt in my mind after friends had told her the year before that Santa didn’t exist, but we didn’t want to believe that. However, the following year she was searching for something in her mum’s room and found a Nintendo DS and Nintendogs behind a chair with lots of other goodies. We decided that if it ended up under her tree on Christmas Day that Santa wasn’t responsible, and guess what she unwrapped on the big day…

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    Blogmas Day 12: My Favourite Christmas Wallpapers

    Around the holidays, I’m a sucker for changing my phone wallpaper to something relevant to the season.

    Day 12

    I took to pinterest in search of the ultimate Christmas wallpaper to grace my phone until the new year, and I thought I’d shortlist them for you because you should get involved with the festivities in every part of your life.

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    Blogmas Day 11: Leeds Christmas Market

    You know when you go to write a post and the photos were taken so long ago that you forget how pants they are? This is one of those posts, so apologies (but when I was writing this post last night I couldn’t just hop on a train and retake because I have deadlines y’know).

    Day 11

    Way, way back in November, I went to my first, and so far only, Christmas Market of the year. And it was fab. My boyfriend and I decided to go on his birthday for a gander, and it was far better than I remember it being (last time I went was almost 2 years ago). I think it helped that I went when it was dark, as opposed to it being the middle of the afternoon.

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