Blogmas Day 21: Prairie Charms Stocking Stuffer

    Prairie Charms are a company that I’ve been looking to work with for a while. They got in touch with me a while back but I wasn’t ready for a new company to work with at the time, but when I saw their Stocking Stuffer bundle I just had to get involved. As I’ve been reading through other recipients’ posts, I found out that they’re all individual so it’s a great little Christmas present to myself that nobody else has.

    Day 21

    Specialising in handmade accessories, these make perfect gifts (but I’m too greedy and won’t be gifting any of these items. I’m keeping them all for me!). A portion of their profits go to charities such as Great Ormond Street and Kiss It Better, meaning that you’re not only buying yourself or someone else a treat, but seriously helping somebody in need. It’s a little late now for considering them for Christmas, but if you’ve got any gifts to buy in the future, I’d definitely recommend looking at buying from Prairie Charms. Continue reading

    Blogmas Day 20: Last Minute Christmas Gifts

    So with just 5 days to go until the big day (!!!), I’m sure loads of you are in a moderate panic now. My mum rang me the other day complaining about all the stuff she still has to do, and I won’t be home until the 23rd to help her (not that I’m much use with my leg in a splint and on crutches). She’s gone into major stress mode now. I thought I’d try to help anybody in the same boat and share my favourite last minute gift ideas. This is particularly in mind of the busy people who have no idea what to buy for people who they’ve neglected to get a present for as of yet.

    Day 20

    I’ve seen a fair few ‘last minute’ gift ideas already, but they were around a week ago, and that’s not last minute to me. Let’s be honest, my dad will still be buying my mum’s Christmas present at 3pm on Christmas Eve (he is the definition of last minute. One year for my mum’s birthday, she went out the night before so dad dragged me and my brother to Tesco in our pyjamas at 9pm. We were around 8 and 6 years old). Maybe I’ll send a link to this post his way.

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    Blogmas Day 19: #TLSXmas Gift Swap

    Way back when (September, I believe), I put my name down for Katy‘s Christmas gift swap. I was matched with the lovely Jenna, we set a budget of £10-15 (on the account of us both being students) and after a few email and twitter exchanges, we had a list of our favourite things.

    Day 19

    I have to say, I think Jenna did a wonderful job in buying things for me and I’m really excited to share my goodies with you. I’m just a little disappointed with my photos but I’m stuck at my boyfriend’s with my bad knee and there is zero natural lighting in here so I did the best I could in a bad situation #bloggerprobz

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    Blogmas Day 16: My 2016 Life Goals

    The term ‘New Years Resolution’ is something I always think about too late in the year. I usually decide on the 1st January that I need to set a resolution or two, then by the 2nd it’s long forgotten. I thought it would be best to write out my ‘goals’ not ‘resolutions’ two weeks in advance on New Year’s Day so they’re out there, and people can shout at me if I don’t stick to them.

    Day 16

    Today I’m talking about my life goals, and tomorrow I’m going to set my blog goals for this year. I think these are two very different sets of goals that need to be blocked out by themselves for different reasons.

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