My Top 5 Makeup Discoveries of 2015

    After a weekend full of family antics, I do not have the energy to write an inspired post. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family to pieces, but it’s tiring being with them. I think I’ve had approximately 3 waking hours to myself in the last 4 days, and I’m a person who needs their space.

    Top 5 Makeup 2015 Header

    I was a little bit stupid when I came home from uni because I didn’t bring all of the products I wanted to talk about in my 2015 roundup, so I’m having to compromise. Today is all about some of my favourite makeup discoveries of the year (thankfully I did have most of these with me at home). This isn’t my favourite products of all time, just products I’ve bought this year and really fallen in love with. Continue reading

    2015 in Review

    It’s Sunday the 27th of December. 4 more days until 2016 and I can’t believe it’s gone as quickly as it has! Every year goes faster than the last and I spend most of my time wasting it on the internet (at least that’s how my parents see it). But I enjoy it, and this year I’ve made some wonderful friends through blogging thanks to starting this adventure.

    2015 In Review
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    Blogmas Day 25: Reflections

    I can’t believe I successfully completed blogmas! It’s Christmas Day and I’d like to wish all of you lovely, lovely readers a very Merry Christmas and hope you get everything you hope for today.

    Day 25

    Back on Day 3 of Blogmas, I compiled my Christmas Bucket List for 2015 and I want to share whether or not I achieved these wishes or not with you. Spoiler: It wasn’t as successful as I had hoped. I’ve also interspersed this post with some of my mum’s Christmas decorations as I think she’s done a great job this year without the children (my little brother and I) being home until close to the holidays. Continue reading

    Blogmas Day 24: How I’ll Spend Christmas Eve

    I feel like Christmas Day is a very family-orientated day, which makes it a little more personal and I’m not sure if I’m going to talk about it just yet. However, Christmas Eve in my household means friends and opening our home to a variety of people. Today I want to share my Christmas Eve traditions and what is being changed this year.

    Day 24

    Christmas Eve morning means baking Mince Pies and setting the Mulled Wine to stew. By midday we have pastry practically coming out of our ears! My morning is usually spent chopping up the fruit to put in the mulled wine, and I can’t even drink it this year due to medication! I’m devastated. Continue reading

    Blogmas Day 23: TV Specials I’m Excited For

    One of the best things about Christmas is the sheer amount of television choice there is. Whether it’s Christmas specials of your favourite shows, dramatic soaps, feel good films or something totally trashy, there is always something on. I’ve compiled the list of things on my list to watch over the Christmas weekend and hope to inspire some of your to viewings.
    Day 23

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    Blogmas Day 22: My Favourite Christmas Posts

    One thing I really enjoy doing is spreading my love for blogs. There are so many festive posts this year and I want to share my 10 favourite that are out there, just in case you missed them. Some of these are from people taking part in Blogmas, others are just festive posts that I’ve really enjoyed over the last month.

    Day 22
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