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    The Ultimate Blogger Gift Guide

    Blogmas Day 5: Blogger Gift Guide | Essential Twenty

    Today’s post brings the second of my two gift guides, with this one being aimed purely at bloggers. Yes, a blogger gift guide! My family are always asking what I want, and I’m sure if you’re anything like me, you’ll have a list as long as your arm of things you’d love. You’ve either seen them on other blogs, or heard things about them from other bloggers, or you simply want something to help up your blogging game.

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    A Foodie Gift Guide, Of Sorts

    A Foodie Gift Guide | Essential Twenty

    My first of just two gift guides this year is a shout out to my foodies. A foodie gift guide, to a degree. Whilst I don’t talk about it a lot on my blog (with the exception of some very old recipe posts), I am a big fan of testing out new food and drink. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen testing new recipes, and I’m always partial to a glass of wine or two. I actually end up getting a lot of food and drink related gifts, so I’m sharing what I’d be after this year…if I didn’t already have them.

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    My 2017 Christmas Beauty Gift Wish List

    I don’t feel like I’ve spoken a lot about beauty recently, and that’s where my blogging roots lie. I personally am not in a place where I want to spend a small fortune on new beauty products and have been getting through some of my old products. But with Christmas coming up, I can always ask for someone to gift me some beauty sets, so I’ve created this Christmas Beauty Gift wish list (one of only two wish lists this blogmas series) to share what I think is worth picking up this season.

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    My Christmas Shopping Tips

    Blogmas Day 2: Christmas Shopping Tips | Essential Twenty

    I’m an organised lady, and had most of my Christmas shopping completed two weeks ago. In fact, the majority of it was finished in October. Yes, I just love buying gifts! But if you’re not as organised as I am, I’ve got some fab Christmas shopping tips for you to follow. You might not fall in love with facing the crowds in December, but it might make for an easier ride this Christmas!

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    Why I Love Blogmas

    Blogmas Day I: Why I Love Blogmas

    Another year of blogging comes to a close which means it’s time for another month of blogmas. My third in fact! Over the past couple of years I’ve shared traditions, favourites and you’ve been with me through a dislocated knee smack bang in the middle of the festive period. But why do I do this to myself every year? It’s the busiest time of year and I spend my evenings hunched over a computer, sharing content just for you. Why do I love daily blogging through December so much?

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    The Toxic Avenger

    The Toxic Avenger | Essential Twenty

    Look at me with two play reviews in a row. Let’s pretend it’s nothing to do with the fact that I’m rubbish at posting at the moment (does not bode well for blogmas which starts in just TWO DAYS – panic mode is setting in). On Saturday I was in London for a whopping 13 hours and I spent Sunday recovering. Definitely shouldn’t have been out in the winter weather all day with a mammoth cold which has turned into time off work. Now I rarely take a trip to the capital without a theatre tip thrown in, and that was the case this weekend too. This time, The Toxic Avenger.

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