Monthly Blog Round Up #1 | March 2018

    Monthly Blog Round Up, March 2018 | Essential Twenty

    I’ve decided that it’s about time I give a round up of my month, because I don’t do too many life lately posts. Here I can share my favourite things that have happened throughout the month, and share which shows I’ve managed to get to (especially as it can take a little while for me to get around to reviewing them fully). Just a little update at the end of each month to talk about my life, and indulge in what’s going on around me right now, and what’s coming up in April.
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    Ruthless! The Musical

    Ruthless! The Musical | Essential Twenty

    I really enjoy seeing a show during it’s preview period. For one, it’s much cheaper and I’ll do anything to save a bit of money on theatre tickets. And secondly, there are very few reviews to taint my initial experience. Ruthless! The Musical made its West End debut and opened at the Arts Theatre this week, and a few theatre influencers were invited to see it on Friday prior to the opening, and I’m a little lost for words on how to describe the show.
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    Degrees Of Error: Murder She Didn’t Write

    Murder She Didn't Write | Essential Twenty

    I’ve never seen improv comedy before. In fact, I’ve never seen anything other than improvised dance before, so when I found out Mischief Theatre (the creative geniuses behind The Play That Goes Wrong and The Comedy About A Bank Robbery) were going to be going back to their improv roots over Christmas I was eager to see them. But I didn’t manage to get to the Arts Theatre to see them during that period I was really disappointed. But thankfully an invite landed in my inbox to see a 5* sold out Edinburgh Fringe show that’s been playing select dates in London. That meant I had my bum firmly in a seat at the Leicester Square Theatre to see Degrees of Error’s Murder She Didn’t Write on Sunday, and I can’t believe I didn’t go sooner.
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    Origins In Bloom

    Origins In Bloom | Essential Twenty

    You’d think that living fairly close to Cambridge, and going there semi-regularly for work, I’d go to more events in the city. But I don’t! I know that Sally hosted an event at the Origins store in Cambridge at the back end of last year but I wasn’t able to go, but for her Spring event I blocked out a Saturday so that I could go. I’ve not tried a lot from Origins, but I’ve loved what I have tested so I was eager to learn more about the brand, as well as hanging out with some local bloggers.
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    4 New Primers

    There are a few products I love to test out more than others when it comes to beauty. Lipstick (obvs), mascara (you should see my obscene collection), eyeshadow, concealer and – from time to time – primer. Because I use the same foundation all the time, I can easily tell if a primer works well for me and whether it’s worth hanging onto. I’ve been trying to use up the primers in my collection before buying new ones but with my stash quickly diminishing I went a little mad with buying new ones.

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    Eugenius Closing Night

    Eugenius, Closing Night | Essential Twenty

    I’m writing this far later than I had planned. I mean, I attended closing night over two weeks ago! But after a knockout run at The Other Palace, I had to discuss what I thought about the cult favourite Eugenius. This is one of the hottest new shows that the theatre community cannot stop talking about, and had an almost unheard of number of sold out shows during its 6 week run. Unfortunately I was busy for most of the run, but I made it to closing night after hearing weeks of raving from the theatre community, and I wanted to throw my thoughts into the ring.
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