My Favourite Blogmas Posts of 2017

    Blogmas 2017 Favourites | Essential Twenty

    Christmas is in two days, this is not a drill. Seriously guys, THE BIG DAY IS ALMOST HERE!

    There’s something about Christmas that means I want to be joyful and share the love. This year there have been some cracking festive posts (not all from people taking part in blogmas), and I want to share these with you. And if you don’t get around to reading all these posts today, it’s a really chill way to spend Christmas Eve, right? Without further ado, here is a list I’ve compiled of my favourite blogmas posts of 2017.

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    Why I’m Skint: Christmas Clothing

    Christmas Clothes Haul | Essential Twenty

    This year I’ve gone a bit mad on three things: Christmas jigsaw puzzles, Christmas presents and Christmas clothing, specifically pyjamas and socks. I have a bit of a thing where I treat myself to a new jumper each year, or at least that’s what I tell myself. This year’s single new jumper has become more than just a jumper and a t-shirt, as well as plenty of sock sets, and three pairs of pyjamas. Christmas Day is so close now, and you might not have picked up the exact clothing you want to wear. Maybe this post will help. Then again, maybe it won’t as we’re crazily close to the big day and I know I can’t bring myself to go shopping!

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    My Christmas Bucket List For 2018

    Blogmas Day 20: Christmas Bucket List | Essential Twenty

    In my first year of blogmas, I compiled a bucket list. It didn’t go too successfully as about a third of the way through the month I dislocated my knee and that put a bit of a dampener on things. I considered putting together one at the start of blogmas 2017, but ended up not getting around to it. So here I am today, with my 2018 Christmas Bucket List.

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    My Christmas Food Traditions

    My Christmas Food Traditions | Essential Twenty

    Okay, this post is so not what I had planned today. As you can see from the header image, it was suppose to be about my amazing attempt at my first ever gingerbread house. I don’t like gingerbread, so I’d never felt the need to make one but something changed this year. Unfortunately my walls broke so I ended up with gingerbread slabs which everyone ate – at least they were tasty! Instead, I’m going to talk about my family’s Christmas food traditions.

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    My European Christmas Market Wish List

    Blogmas Day 18: European Christmas Market Wish List | Essential Twenty

    I love a Christmas market. I’ve been to my fair share in the UK just this year alone, but I’ve never made it to any on the continent. I’ve always have educational commitments, and now work gets in my way (why did I stay in education?). Over the years I’ve built up quite the wish list of European Christmas markets I’m hoping to visit one day. 

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