Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

    Everybody's Talking About Jamie | Essential Twenty

    I remember the announcement of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie hitting the West End. Whilst I hadn’t heard much about it’s Sheffield try out (other than it being a sell out), I knew I was going to have to see it at some point. When I popped to London one casual Wednesday afternoon a couple of weeks ago to go to the Bat Out Of Hell Press Launch, I entered a ton of Today Tix lotteries (use my code CMXVT to get £10 off your first order) which I unfortunately didn’t win. However, for entering the Everybody’s Talking About Jamie lottery that day, I was entitled to £29.50 tickets in a seat which often goes for almost three times that amount. A real steal! I took the opportunity to see the show that has everybody falling in love from a fantastic seat, rather than my usual view from the upper circle.
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    My First Three Months Cruelty Free & My Top Tips

    My First Three Months Cruelty Free | Essential Twenty

    If you read my 2018 goals, you may recall that I said I’d be going cruelty free with my beauty products. Throughout the first few months of the year it’s been a real learning curve, especially as a lot of my favourite products have come from brands that are not cruelty free and I’m quickly running low on my stash. This post is all about the problems that I have faced since going cruelty free, and hopefully this will help you out if you have been toying with the idea too.
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    Makeup Rehab | No Buy April

    Makeup Rehab: No Buy April | Essential Twenty

    Remember how about two weeks ago today I proudly shared my recent Beauty Bay order? It turns out that my little splurge sent me back into my old beauty spending ways and I need to stop. Thankfully I’ve been doing some research in how I can stop this (and also not just replace my spending in other realms: 6 theatre trips already planned for April ring any bells?) as well as reading through Reddit’s Makeup Rehab subreddit which given me some tips to reign in my spending, and show me how to cut back this month through a beauty no buy. And hopefully beyond!

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    Why You Need A Beauty Inventory

    Beauty Inventory | Essential Twenty

    I honestly cannot tell you where I read about beauty inventories, but I’ve spent quite some time researching and after a few weeks, I’d got the bare bones of my own. It then took a few further weeks to curate my beauty inventory to fit the purpose I wanted it to fulfil, but I’m finally happy with it and want to share it with you. This post is all about what I track, why I track it, and 6 reasons it could work for you. I’ve also included a downloadable link of my own so that you can create one for yourself.
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    Monthly Blog Round Up #1 | March 2018

    Monthly Blog Round Up, March 2018 | Essential Twenty

    I’ve decided that it’s about time I give a round up of my month, because I don’t do too many life lately posts. Here I can share my favourite things that have happened throughout the month, and share which shows I’ve managed to get to (especially as it can take a little while for me to get around to reviewing them fully). Just a little update at the end of each month to talk about my life, and indulge in what’s going on around me right now, and what’s coming up in April.
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