Makeup Revolution Haul, Spring 2018

    Makeup Revolution Haul, Spring 2018 | Essential Twenty

    In March I spent a lot of money on new beauty goodies and have given up buying anything beauty related in April. But I have a lot to discuss before I even need to think about buying anything, and that includes a little bit of a Makeup Revolution Haul. Funnily enough this doesn’t include every single Makeup Revolution product I bought in March 2018, and that’s mainly because this post was due to go live about three weeks ago and then Superdrug started their 3 for 2 across all makeup offer and I bought some more. Not even sorry. So anyway, this post won’t include those last few bits but I’ll get around to talking about them at a later date.

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    Makeup Rehab | Makeup Expiration

    Makeup Rehab: Makeup Expiration | Essential Twenty

    We all know beauty products aren’t going to last forever, even if we can’t admit it to ourselves. It can lose its quality for one, and when there are so many brilliant products out there – is it really worth keeping sub-par products? But they also expire. I obviously knew that makeup had to expire at some point in its life, but it didn’t mean I’d ever pay attention to it. In fact, I didn’t even know where to find out when it expired. Now I’m a little more savvy to what the little symbols on the back of products mean, and I also know that I should be a little more wary of the makeup expiration dates.

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    An Evening With Jason Robert Brown

    I’ve been through stages of my life where I’ve been obsessed with theatre. The first wave came when I was 14, and I’m in a big place with it right now. But there was another phase when I was just finishing my A Levels. We’re talking circa 2013, and that’s when I really listened to the genius of Jason Robert Brown for the first time.

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    A Break: Goodbye Contraceptive Implant

    Goodbye Contraceptive Implant | Essential Twenty

    Warning: this blog post contains period chat.

    I have been on hormonal contraception for about 4 years. I’m too selfish to be a mother right now; I just want to go to the theatre as much as possible and you can’t do that with a child. I was on the pill for a year but after hearing other people have such positive experiences using the contraceptive implant, I was a big girl and went to get it. And boy do I regret it.

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    Quiz Review

    Quiz Review | Essential Twenty

    I didn’t know what to expect when I booked to see Quiz; a play inspired by the real life events behind the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire coughing scandal. But at £15 to sit on stage when I was already in London for Kinky Boots? I was definitely game to see what this Chichester Festival Theatre production had to offer after falling in love with Half A Sixpence last year (one of their previous productions).

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    The 2018 Laurence Olivier Awards

    The Lauren Olivier Awards 2018 | Essential Twenty

    Last night was the biggest night of the year when it comes to London Theatre. The Laurence Olivier Awards are presented by the Society of London Theatre, and they’ve been an important night in the theatre calendar for over 40 years. Last year the ceremony moved to the Royal Albert Hall, and I’ve got a few thoughts about this year’s winners that I want to quickly chat about.

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