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    Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo

    Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo | Essential Twenty

    I don’t feel like I spend a lot on hair care (apart from my hair cut – why does a wash, cut and blow cost me £37? Surely I’m getting ripped off somewhere), so it was a bit of a shock to my bank account when I spent a whopping £19 on a 250ml bottle of shampoo. I KNOW! But after hearing Anna rave about the Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo for year, I pushed the boat out and treated myself to some luxury hair care. That was back in the summer, and I’ve been using it on a semi-regular basis so I think I can finally share my thoughts.

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    Essential Twenty’s Blog Revamp

    Essential Twenty Blog Revamp | Essential Twenty

    You probably didn’t notice, but I’ve just not posted since Friday on here. That’s 3 days without content! By far the longest I’ve gone since starting this blog. You see, I’m having a bit of an identity crisis when it comes to my blog at the moment.

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    23 Tasks For Self Improvement At 23

    23 Tasks For Self Improvement At 23 | Essential Twenty

    IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Yep, today I turn the ripe old age of 23 and I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to post today for a good few months. I could’ve done 23 things I’ve learnt, 23 memories, something along the lines of a bucket list, you know, the usual birthday post. But last week it came to me. There are a lot of places in my life I’m looking to improve so I’m sharing 23 tasks I’ve set myself to improve my life. It could be blog life, it could be family life or it could be social life. But there are 23 things I’d like to improve on, and since it’s my blog I’m going to share it even if you don’t care. Also, enjoy the unrelated blog pics, my setup is currently covered in Christmas presents whoops!

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    Zoella Beauty Jelly & Gelato Review

    Zoella Beauty Jelly & Gelato | Essential Twenty

    Back in the summer I treated myself to some of the Zoella Beauty Jelly & Gelato Range. I’m not usually one for jumping on the YouTube beauty bandwagon, but with an elderflower scent I could hardly pass it up. I’ve finally got around to trying all the bits and I can share what I think, just in time for Christmas (the people you need to buy for might be more into this scent than the Snow’Ella range, you never know).

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