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    Why I Love Blogging Webinars

    Why I Love Blogging Webinars | Essential Twenty

    I don’t know what’s happened in the last couple of weeks, but since I sorted out my inbox all I want to do is blog. I spend every waking moment (that isn’t working or eating) doing something blog related. That might be planning new content, playing around with plugins, replying to comments or, most recently, learning. I’ve thrown my all into learning as much as I can about the blogging biz. And it’s about time! Essential Twenty has existed for almost 2 and a half years, but I don’t know anything. But not knowing anything has lead my to researching everything. Including webinars.

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    I’m Addicted To Jigsaws

    I'm Addicted To Jigsaws | Essential Twenty

    I know I’m having a blast blogging right now, but when I’m not sat at work spilling acid down myself (lab tech who refuses to wear a lab coat problems) or tapping away at my laptop, I’ve been doing jigsaws. 23 going on 73? Maybe, but I don’t care! I’ve realised recently that I can’t spend all my life staring at a screen, so this is how I spend my time. But why?

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    Blog Tips, Blogging

    How I’m Tackling My Blog Emails

    How I'm Tackling My Blog Emails | Essential Twenty

    Whilst I love getting blog opportunities, emails are actually the bane of my life. I feel like all I do is clear out my inbox and get it down to emails I want to reply to and then do nothing about it. Four weeks have passed, blog I’ve responded to three emails and my inbox is back to over 1000. And I’m not even a big blogger! I feel very sorry for anything with a large followings. If I haven’t got around to replying to your email, there could be a few reasons. This post is all about my tips for getting your inbox down, keeping on top of what you need to be aware of and a bit of an apology.

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    Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Mascara

    Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Mascara | Essential Twenty

    I signed up for Influenster quite some time ago, and then promptly forgot about said sign-up. It wasn’t until Katie received the Bourjois VoxBox after an email when we were in France together that I actually remembered that I had an account. Well here we are a couple of months later and a received a very exciting parcel that I’ve been testing for the past week – the Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Mascara*.

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