An Over The Top Payday Haul

31st October was Halloween to a lot of people, but to me it was my first proper pay day in my new job. I got a few hundred last month, but October was my first full month which meant I made it rain (metaphorically) and spent a lot of money in the first few days of the month. My spending has calmed since the initial *give me all the things* phase and my next pay day is all for Christmas presents.


But am I really a blogger if I don’t post a haul when I get a bit spendy? Yes, it’s very beauty heavy but what else did you expect from me? Commence me recoiling in horror when I add up the prices.

Just before pay day, but firmly in the countdown towards it, I did manage to buy a couple of sneaky items but I’ll be including them as part of this as it was bascially payday. Some of these products were bought for the sole purpose of blogmas and the blog (that old rationale chestnut), but others were just because I wanted them in my life. If there are any products that you want to see full reviews on then just comment or tweet me and I’ll be sure to get them up!


It was my birthday last month, and that meant I got a £5 off voucher from Feel Unique which expired after a month. I jumped straight onto Feel Unique after I was paid and picked up the TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Set as I’ve been dying to try them for ages. Yes, they’re tiny, but I rarely use up an entire lip product so to try out a few shades in the formula, this set works well for me (and look out for a post coming on these later in the week).


At the back end of October, ELF had free shipping to the UK. Usually a £25 spend is required but I struggle to hit that threshold as I only ever want one or two bits at a time so have never bought anything (I’m a stingy bugger when it comes to spending money on shipping). But I’d heard great things about the ELF Illuminating Palette , with it being a supposed dupe for some of the shades in the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette so that clearly found its way to my house pretty sharpish. I can’t wait to get the chance to play with this!


Christmas beauty set are the talk of the town in the blogging community, and with this being the second year of me blogging I’m fully aware that you’ve got to be quick with the orders or they could sell out (and guess who has already missed out on one of the sets she was after – this girl, whoops). Recently I’ve been obsessed with glitters and experimenting with them, so I bought both of the MAC Nutcracker Sweet Pigment & Glitter Kits, with the Gold set containing two pigments and two glitters, and the Bronze set containing three pigments and one glitter. I will be putting together a review on these during blogmas so keep an eye out!


I have a few Nars products in my collection, but one I’ve been after for quite some time is Nars Sin Blush. When ASOS had 20% off on Halloween I snatched it up because *heart eyes*. I don’t have many blushes appropriate for A/W, but this is definitely suitable for the cooler months.


One of the most exciting things I’ve ever bought (not just this month, but ever) is my bae’s new cookbook. I’m in love with Jamie Oliver and Christmas is my favourite time of year, so Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook may just be the best purchase of life. I’m at home on Christmas day so will be in charge of the cooking, and I can’t wait to try out a few new recipes this year (the Tuscan Potatoes on page 116 may just be the most delicious looking things I’ve ever seen)!

I popped into Boots to do some Christmas shopping, and walked out with the Sanctuary Spa Advent Calendar which I’m super excited about, as it was only £25! I’ve not photographed this because it’s blooming massive but I will be reviewing the contents after advent (I’m not opening it early because I don’t want to spoil t for myself). I also picked up the Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajl Eye Liner Pencil in Pure White as I’ve been lacking a white liner and there are a few looks I want to try that require a white waterline. I’m also looking at doing some brighter eye makeup for the festive season so picked up the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Rush & Rocky Mountain Green. A few other extras that I’ve not photographed because they are either too big for me to take in this tiny space I’m working with the the moment, or not arrived in time to photograph (damn you Beauty Bay, whatever happened to your 2 day shipping?). I treated myself to the Feel Unique Magic of Beauty Advent Calendar, which was a little bit naughty but it contains a full sized Laura Geller Gilded Honey and I got student discount, so I basically paid £6 for 11 other products (justifying again…sorry). And the other product I’ve picked up recently is the Zoeva Cool Spectrum Palette, as I love the formula of Zoeva Shadows and this was only £15 on Beauty Bay – bargain!

Please don’t add all this up because I will cry at the amount I’ve spent, because with this and Christmas presents I’m poor again. But I’ve got a lot of blog content to write out of it!

What have you picked up recently? I want to know what you’ve hauled.


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