Fashionable Kitchen Wear with Lobster Homeware

We all know that over here on Essential Twenty I love to cook. I adore spending time in the kitchen but I’m a messy pup. I spill food all over the side, and flour all down my tops.

Lobster Homeware

And that’s where Lobster Homeware fit in. Longer ago than I care to admit (university has taken over my life, I’m sorry), Ashton asked if any bloggers would be interested in reviews products from a new homeware brand and this was it. I was given the opportunity to try out one of their brand new aprons which are all inspired by various members of the creator Nathalie’s family.

I was given the opportunity to try one of 4 aprons, and I opted for the Geraldine* which was inspired by Nathalie’s grandmother. I loved the brightness and it was very eccentric, which perfectly matches my kitchen aesthetic. I have honestly never held such a luxurious apron in all of my life, and I own a Harrods apron (fancy schmancy). You can tell just how much care and attention has gone into the manufacture of this just by handling it! It also comes in a dust bag which can be seen in the header image, which make it feel all that more luxurious.


With an adjustable belt and tie around the neck, it is going to fit pretty much everyone. I am quite short and I often struggle with aprons being too long on me and half of my top part is left uncovered. I usually have to tie the neck in a knot at the back to stop it dragging on the floor, but with the poppers on the neck I don’t have to do this. Yay for us short girls!


My absolute favourite thing about this apron is the detachable oven gloves. When I’m cooking I always put my oven gloves down and can’t find them again when I need them. The oven gloves can be left hanging form the apron or tucked away in the pocket, and are attached by velcro. This means they’re always at arms reach!


Yes, it is a pricey apron at £45 but if you’re anything like me then it’s worth it. So much work has gone into this apron, with the first design appearing 15 years ago(!), and you can tell just by handling it. Also, remember that it comes with a pair of oven gloves so I’m thinking of this more of a £30ish apron and a £15ish pair of oven gloves. Also, with father’s day coming up next week and next day delivery available, it could be the perfect gift (take a look at the Theo apron)!



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