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New Eye Favourites from Rimmel

A few weeks ago I got an email from a PR company asking for my details to put on file and I sent them over but thought nothing more of it. That was until the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me as a blogger happened last week. I got surprise blogger mail! And not just from anyone, it was from one of my favourite drugstore makeup brands – Rimmel. Rimmel have reformulated their Scandaleyes Mascara in two shades and named it Scandaleyes Reloaded, which has launched alongside two felt tip liners (my preferred eyeliner for liquid liner) – the Thick & Thin Eyeliner and the Precision Micro Eyeliner. Over the last week I’ve exclusively worn these products on my eyes to test them out and let you know what I think of them.

My mascara collection is getting a little out of hand, as previously stated in my mascaras in rotation post, so I have only tested the Black shade (as opposed to Blackest Black) in order to not have too many open at once. I’ve always been a huge fan of fibre brushes rather than plastic ones, so I was more than happy to give this a go. This formula was clump free, and gave my lashes the volume and separation that I’m always after. The first day that I wore this mascara, three separate people complimented me on on my lashes and last weekend my boyfriend thought I was wearing falsies because they looked so good.


I can’t comment on how well it acts as a bottom lash mascara because unless I’m wearing false lashes, I don’t apply it (my bottom eyelash ratio is all off and I look daft if I put it on there – maybe I’ll tell you my trick to make them look fuller in a future post). However, my top lashes look fantastic thanks to this mascara. And it’s also easy to remove, what more could I want from a mascara? Wait, I know what more I want, I want it to be pocket friendly. And it’s a bargain at only £6.99 from your local drugstore.

I’m a lover of a felt tip liner, I think they’re the easiest formula to work with when it comes to lining my lash line. I usually flit between the Soap & Glory Supercat, L’Oreal Perfect Slim and the Zoeva Cat Eye Pen, and I even have the Kat Von D Liquid Liner to try out, but after being send these I put them down and gave them a whirl. And I think these might be the best so far.

These are the blackest eyeliners I’ve ever used in felt tip form, and they really stay all day. I really struggle with eyeliner staying on my inner corner, but these did not budge. Even when I’ve gone to take my makeup off 10 hours later, it’s still in place!


The precision liner is incredible for thin liner and great for tiny wings, with the thick & thin liner being fantastic for a bolder look. I’ve tended to reach for the thinner liner because I get a little messy when applying liner and this gives me room for error, but they’re both really easy to use. The thicker one does have a little more bleed when swatched, but I’ve not noticed this on my lids so you are definitely able to get a sharp line. I can’t believe how impressed I am with liners that only cost £5.49, and are forever on offer in Boots and Superdrug.

Have you tried any of the most recent offerings from Rimmel? I would’ve never even have thought to pick these up in the store, but I’m so happy for them to be in my collection as they’ve quickly become favourites! Thank you Rimmel for reminding me how fantastic drugstore products can be.


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