My March Fitness Regime

I’m toying with the idea of posting on here 4 times per week on here. Probably seems a little mad since I have a dissertation to write, two assignments to complete, a presentation to give and 3 exams to sit in the next 3 months but I’m really enjoying blogging right now. I think I’m going to try this out for the month of March and if I goes well, I’ll stick to it for good.


Today I thought I’d share with you my current workout plans for March. Things may change but this is what I have planned as February started off well, and then I just didn’t go to the gym for a fortnight. I was too busy drinking all the wine. Yolo.

My basic aim is to do a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise per day, which is easier said than done. I usually get about three days of 40 minutes, so I really need to up that! Here is my basic plan:

Monday – 30 Day Shred
Tuesday – Core & More Class
Wednesday – Cardio at the gym (some combination of Cross Trainer/Bike/Treadmill/Stair Master)
Thursday – 30 Day Shred
Friday – Cardio at the gym (some combination of Cross Trainer/Bike/Treadmill/Stair Master)
Saturday – 30 Day Shred
Sunday – Leg day and cardio at the gym

I’m also doing the 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge and this 27 Day Squat Challenge which is going to be difficult for me, but I’m determined. I’m only two days down and I’m doing well!


You may notice that I don’t do arms or abs, but abs come into my core and more class, and so do arms surprisingly. If some of the machines are free I sometimes throw in arms on cardio days but the equipment is always so busy at my gym.

Another thing I’m really striving for is 5 portions of fruit and veg a day and 2 litres of water. Some days I do this really well but other days are a bust so we’ll see how that’s going. Again, the first two days have gone well but we’ll see how it’s been going at the end of March.

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