My Hand Cream Staple

I handle a lot of chemicals at work and wash my hands repeatedly. I also splash corrosive chemicals on them a lot (I’m too clumsy to work in a lab). This destroys the skin on my hands and they’re constantly dry!


However, I’ve found my ultimate hand saviour and it comes from L’Occitane. Expensive, but worth it.

My mum has been in love with the L’Occitane Shea Butter range for a couple of years now (she swears by the foot cream) and last Christmas my grandparents bought her some of those products. But I couldn’t miss out and they also bought me a couple of products from the range that came in the Shea Butter Hugs & Kisses set (which can still be bought this year). As my hands have been getting ridiculously dry at work, I’ve been getting through my crazy hand cream collection and this has worked like no other.


Containing 20% Shea Butter, honey and almond extract, this is luxury hand cream at its finest. I personally don’t find the scent too strong (although a woman in my office can’t stand fragranced body care products and she doesn’t like it, so bear that in mind), and it reminds me of baby products. This isn’t greasy, or messy and does exactly what I’m looking for in a hand cream. I need moisture, but not wetness, and this give me just that.

Using this, my hands have never felt so soft! You don’t need a lot, and it soaks in like a dream – hand cream goals. Retailing at £8 for 30ml, or £19 for 150ml, I know I’m going to be snatching this up again in the future!


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