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My Go-To Facial Toners

A step that I know a lot of people skip in their skincare routine is toner, but it’s something that I swear by. It’s a step in my skincare routine (particularly in the evening) that my mum told me all about and because of this, I have an awful lot of products around toning in my collection.


I’ve tried so many toners over the past 5 years or so but I have two firm favourites that I don’t think I could be without now.

One of these is a cult classic, with the other one being a slightly lesser known toner which I rarely hear people discuss, but either way I don’t want them to be out of my skincare stash for long.


Pixi Glow Tonic is a very hyped up product, and rightly so. I originally bought the travel sized bottle in Target when I was in the States last summer as I spotted it and had been dying to try it. I’d heard it could be quite harsh, so initially only used it a couple of times a week instead of the toner that I was using at the time. After I didn’t notice too much of a difference (other than the sheer amount of grime coming off my face, even after a double cleanse), I upped my use to pretty much every morning and evening. Since using it more regularly, I’ve noticed how radiant my skin looks. I genuinely believe that this toner is the reason that my skin feels so soft at all times. It is slightly scented, but nothing offensive. If you’re thinking of trying it I’d definitely recommend introducing it into your routine slowly (a couple of uses per week to begin with), especially if you have sensitive skin. I’ve almost finished it up now, and I have a full sized bottle waiting to go for when this is inevitably finished in a week or two.


My second favourite toner is the Lush Tea Tree Toner Water which is beautiful. This is my second bottle and has been in my collection since mid-2014. I bought this particular bottle in my Accidental Lush Haul, and it’s still pretty full. I’ve been trying out a lot of toners in that past few months so it’s been neglected but my love for this toner has been rekindled in the last fortnight or so. This is the toner for blemished skin to to tea tree being such a great antiseptic, and I do noticed my spots reduces in size when I use this. It’s also a beautifully cooling facial mist for the summer on a no makeup day (especially if you keep it in the fridge).

Is toner a step that you never neglect, or is it hit and miss for you? I’m always super interested to hear about other people’s skincare routines.


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