My Favourite Youtubers

I thought I’d post something a little different today, and that is a list of my favourite youtubers. Compiling this list was somewhat of a struggle as there are so many people that I enjoy watching. I wholeheartedly recommend every single person on this list, and if I have missed somebody out, I apologise.

ViviannaDoesMakeup, EssieButton, HelloOctoberxo, InTheFrow, RachhLoves, Lucy&Lydia, and LilyPebbles.

InTheFrow Victoria is such a star. I believe this for a number of reasons, but mainly because she has proved that you can balance a university education with a hobby. And now her hobby is her life. I feel so inspired by Victoria because she has a PhD, a successful blog and channel, and throws herself into everything that she does. Not only do I want her life; I desperately want her hair, and I am very tempted to dye it lilac. Victoria also has a killer shoe collection which I would give my right arm for, and I’m not even a big shoe fiend.

EssieButton Estée has the same love for dogs that I have, and for that, I can’t help but love her. She also has the most incredible lipstick collection and I’m super jealous of it. I live for Estée’s Empties videos (my all time favourite videos), and her vlogs with her boyfriend, Aslan, and dog, Reggie, are the cutest thing in the world. She seems to have such a fresh take on all things beauty which makes such a lovely change for me as many youtubers seem to do the same thing over and over again. Estée, on the other hand, manages to stay current in everything she does, but she still remains true to the girl she was when she started youtube. Also, congratulations to Estée since she hit 1 million youtube subscribers this week! Such an amazing feat, and she deserves every single one of those susbscribers.

HelloOctoberxo Suzie is amazing and I want to be her. There is nothing more to say than that. Suzie is one of my more recent youtube subscriptions but I’ve binge watched a lot of a her videos since I’ve been following her. She’s absolutely gorgeous, and her channel content seems so well thought out. Definitely worth my following, and every other subscriber that she has.

VivannaDoesMakeup Anna’s blog was one of the first blogs that I started to follow when I got into makeup, and after not too long, I started watching her youtube channel. I channel her casual jeans and t-shirt everyday look like my life depends on it because it’s absolute perfection. We also have very similar homeware tastes, so I love seeing what’s going on around her home.

LilyPebbles You can’t be a fan of Anna without loving Lily. It’s just something that happens. I adore their Beauty Chat videos, but I also love Lily in her own right. She has such a good eye for makeup, and gives such quick turnarounds with product reviews. I’m also so happy that she’s also branching out into more lifestyle bits (her Granola recipe made my mouth water beyond belief), and I can’t wait for her to upload more like this.

LucyAndLydia Lucy & Lydia are a set of twins from Norwich and they’re hilarious. They have such a genuine love for life, and a love for what they do, and because of this, I want to be best friends with them. They’re a lot younger in attitude and video style than a lot of my other favourite youtubers, but they still deserve to have subscriptions from the older crowds (and not just the tweens that follow Zoella). All of their videos are so beautifully edited, ranging from Get The Look videos to Hauls to Challenges. The twins are just fabulous, and I wish them every success in life.

RachhLoves Rachel is so full of life and her youtube channel reflects everything that I wish to be. I love that she reviews any hauls she does a couple of weeks later as an update and tells you what she really thinks of the products. It means that you really know what she thinks about a product without you have to wait for it to be in a favourites or disappointing products video. Plus, she is as obsessed with organisation and using as many hacks as possible as I am, so that’s another bonus to me.

So the above seven youtube channels are my current favourite youtubers. I have other people that I enjoy watching, but these are the girls I get excited about when I see there is a new video for me to watch.

Do you have any recommendations of youtubers? I love filling up my subscription box and I’m desperate for some new content to obsess over!

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