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My Favourite Pressed Shadows: L’Oreal Colour Infallible

You know when you hear loads of great things about a product but they’re a bit of a pain to get hold of? This is me with the L’Oreal Colour Infallible Eyeshadows. I’d heard fantastic things about them from the YouTube crowd but they just don’t sell them here other than in discount beauty outlets which aren’t always the easiest places to get to.


But every time I spot a colour that I know that I need, I grab it. And I’m going to tell you where I have managed to get hold of them in the past and where you can too.

But before you go on a long search for the shades you’re after, I best explain why you need them in your life. These shadows are creamy, pigmented, a dream to blend and a bargain for single shadows. In fact, the quality is pretty identical to the Colour Pop Super Shock Metallic Shadows  (which I have a review on coming really soon, although it feels like eyeshadow overload at the moment on my blog so I’m going to give it a week or so) so if you’re a fan of those then you definitely need to check these out.


Getting your hands on rubbish colours is pretty easy, but if you’re after the nicer shades then you need to get your thinking caps on. I picked up my first shade in Bronzed Taupe in a Walgreens opposite my hotel in San Francisco when I was in the States last summer and fell in love quickly. I knew I had to get more.

A shop in Huddersfield called The Look stocked a few pants shades for a little bit, but the one shade I did pick up from there was Pepsy Coral. I’ve been in repeatedly since and not seen them but I’ll keep trying! Another store I’ve managed to pick one up in recently is the Beauty Outlet at Freeport Braintree (not to be confused with the Cosmetics Company Store), and this was the shade Endless Chocolat.

And if you haven’t got either of those three options? You’re in luck. Certain sellers on eBay and Amazon sell some of the less popular shades (and the more popular ones at a price; I want Amber Rush but it costs a small fortune every time I look) and that’s where I managed to pick up Coconut Shake and Bronze Divine for around £3 each. So if you want to buy into the Colour Pop hype but don’t fancy paying the Royal Mail handing fees and customs, I highly suggest giving these a go.


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