My Favourite Beauty Hacks for Lazy Girls

Something that is very well known about me is that I am really lazy. I like to spend a lot of time in bed binging Netflix, rather than doing anything overly productive (I’m as shocked as you are that binging Full House and Jane The Virgin isn’t actually productive).


I have a few hacks for you lazy girls out there that I swear by on days that I just cannot be bothered.

Keep Micellar Water, Cotton Pads & Night Cream by your bed
I used to never remove my makeup before bed. In fact, it wasn’t until about four years ago that I actually started doing it (I’m gross) but since doing this trick I’ve remembered to take it off every single night. Of course I try to do a full routine every evening, but when you just can’t be bothered this it the perfect solutionBy keeping micellar water and cotton pads by my bed, I know I will remove my makeup every single night. And by keeping my night cream with it I know that I’ve applied sort of the right products before I sleep.


Have a Good All Over Bronzer
Most of my bronzers have single uses – either contour or for the addition of an all over glow. I love Soap & Glory’s Solar Powder for this as it has two shades in one pan. And if you’re being really lazy but still want a slight contour, dust over each side of your face in a ‘3’ shape.

Invest in a Translucent BB Cream
You know those days you have where you just can’t be bothered to put makeup on? Well my solution to this is to buy a Translucent BB Cream. I have the Feel Good Factor from Soap & Glory which works well as it moisturises and adds UVA & UVB protection. If I’m having a no makeup day but need to leave the house, I quite often apply this as the SPF 25 is higher than most of my moisturisers. Plus, it hides the pores I’ve got chilling in my forehead and around my nose – big bonus!


Use Tape To Aid A Cat Eye Flick
I am the first to admit that I am rubbish at liquid liner, and even more rubbish at doing a cat eye. However, buying some tape will do you the world of good if you’re as bad as I am! I have this Sellotape dispenser which allows me to get a nice clean line, although if you don’t want this taking up space in your makeup storage then a card in position works just as well. I’d only recommend this if you are planning on doing your eye makeup first as it could take off some of your base makeup.

Let me know your lazy girl hacks, as I’m always looking for new ways to take my laziness to the next level but whilst still looking somewhat fabulous.


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