My Accidental Lush Haul

Like most beauty bloggers out there, I love Lush. It’s one of my favourite shops to go in and I can’t help but have the occasional splurge. On Monday, I popped in because I had just run out of my Tea Tree Water Toner, and toning is a step I never miss out in my skin care routine. But as I was in there, I was speaking to the always lovely Adam (I never remember his name, it’s just on the receipt) at the Peterborough store. He always manages to convince me to buy more than I need. And £16 later, I left with three bath bombs, as well as the toner water. Hey, at least I managed to get what I went in for!


The Lush Tea Tree Water (£4.25 for 100g, £7.95 for 250g) is my favourite toner to use when I’m having a bad skin day. The tea tree in the toner clears up any breakouts I have within a couple of days, but it isn’t as strong as pure tea tree oil. It also does wonders in removing excess makeup after cleansing. I first picked this up just over a year ago when Zoe wrote this post on a Lush haul that she did, and I fell in love straight away. Whilst at the till, I was told by the aforementioned Adam that next time, I should just buy a Tea Tree Toner Tab (£1 per tab) and dissolve it in water in the bottle to get the same effect for less than 25% of the price. Unfortunately, he didn’t tell me this until I’d paid for this but I’ll remember that for next time. Another reason that I love this is that you can spray it directly onto your face and it cools you right down on a hot day. Definitely packing this to take to America next week because I’m going to need it in the Vegas heat.

So as I mentioned earlier, my three other purchases were bath bombs. I’m yet to test any of these out but if you would like me to do a review on any of these, let me know on twitter or in the comments below. These are all former Oxford Street Exclusives, but I’ve been unable to get to the Oxford Street Store since it’s been open so this is my first handling of them. I’m so glad that Lush have brought some of the new products to their other stores, but I’m sad that some of my favourites have had to go so that these could take their place (RIP Space Girl).

The incredibly brightly coloured bath bomb is The Experimenter Bath Bomb (£3.95). This was actually the last bomb I picked up and this was on Adam’s recommendation. It was also the last one on the shelf, and although they probably restocked after I left, I couldn’t leave it sitting lonely. This has a slight vanilla scent, but what I’m most excited about is that it apparently products a total rainbow in the bath. And I do love a colourful bath. This is a weird shape – not like their usual round bombs – and I’m actually really interested to see how this breaks down.

I’ve been eyeing up the Frozen Bath Bomb (£3.95) since it appeared in Lucy & Lydia and Gabby‘s vlogs from when then went to the Lush Kitchen in Poole. I’ve heard all about the glitter that appears in the bath after letting it go (excuse the pun) and I can’t wait to see it swirling around the tub. I can’t personally work out the scent but I really like it, so I can’t wait to use this bomb. This was the first bomb I picked up on Monday, and was the only one I intended on treating myself to after eyeing up the bath bomb stand but obviously that didn’t happen.

Firstly, look how gorgeous the galaxy-like swirls on the surface of the Intergalactic Bath Bomb (£3.95) are. This is another bath bomb that appears to turn your bath into a rainbow, and I feel like Lush haven’t had products like this in a while. The Intergalactic bomb has a gorgeous pepperminty smell, and smells beautfully refreshing. I am so excited to give this a go. This wasn’t a product I was properly aware of, but I’m glad I spotted it and I can’t wait to try it out.

So that was a little unannounced Lush splurge from me. I can’t wait to test out the new products, and I’ve already put the new bottle of toner water into action. Lush is one of my favourite stores to shop in as the products are all of such amazing quality, and the staff always seem so happy to help you out and really know their stuff about the stock.

Have you tried any of Lush’s new products? What would you recommend? Or do you have an older product which is a staple in your routine?

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