My 5 Must Have Brushes

Until about two years ago, I didn’t use that many makeup brushes. I had an Autograph foundation brush for my powder, crappy sponges for my eyeshadow, the world’s scratchiest brush for blusher, and I used my fingers to blend out concealer. I also never cleaned them. Gross.


Since getting into makeup, I’ve realised how important good brushes are for applying makeup. I have been growing quite a hefty collection since my discovery of beauty bloggers and their love for Real Techniques brushes (and I agree with them; they’re fab), and today I’m sharing my 5 favourite brushes in my collection with you.

Most of my favourite brushes are eye brushes, but I have one face brush which I adore. That is the Real Techniques Blush Brush. This was the second individual RT brush I bought (I first bought the core collection and the starter set, then the Powder Brush), and it is basically the only brush that I use every single day. I’ve always been a fan of blusher and I wear it every day I wear makeup (so many people don’t wear blusher but I love it soooo), and this is the best brush I have for it. This brush would also work really well for bronzer or all over powder, and it also is the best lasting brush that I own from RT. All my others are very beat up in comparison to this one!

My second brush in this collection of favourites is the most recent brush purchase of mine, which is the Sigma Tapered Blending (E40) Brush. How the hell did I manage to do eyeshadow before I had this brush in my life? This is the perfect blush for blending transition shades through the crease and this has ensured for the long-coming perfection of a smokey eye. And after reading Chloe‘s post on Sigma eye brushes I need them all in my life to really perfect that flawless eye look.

The third brush that I love, and I actually have two of these from two different sets (well they’re called the same thing but look slightly different), is the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush. This can be bought in either the Starter Set or the Nic’s Picks Set, and works beautifully for an all over wash of colour on the lid. It isn’t the most amazing brush for really packing on colour (I am still yet to find one of these that I love), but does work for most of my eye looks.

The penultimate brush that I am obsessed with is the ever loved MAC 217, which was a bit pricey for my liking originally (and it’s gone up even more since I bought it). However, I’d heard such amazing things about this brush from all the beauty YouTubers a couple of years ago that I just had to have it. I adore this brush for blending between the crease and the lid to create a seamless finish, and if I need an alternative to my Sigma E40, I will use this to blend through the crease too. An amazing alternative at a more purse friendly cost is the Zoeva 227, which I also own. It doesn’t last as well upon washing but it is basically the same brush in terms of shape and function.

The final brush I adore isn’t one I use on an everyday basis, but it is the Real Techniques Accent Brush, which also comes in the Starter Set. I use this brush for blending out a pop of colour on my lower lash line. I don’t do this all that often because I’m lazy, but when I do this brush gets all the love and attention it deserves.

I just love makeup brushes and want them all in my life. My next brushes to buy are probably going to be Morphe brushes, but my wish list includes more Sigma, MAC, Zoeva and I also love the look of Nanshy and Spectrum Brushes. Makeup brushes make my heart do flutters because heart eyes for brushes.


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